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10 Ways to Celebrate Father’s Day on a Budget

by Nathan Dennis

Celebrate Father’s Day 2024 by showing Dad how much you love him without breaking the bank.

Father’s Day! It comes around every year and yet, many of us are shamefully unprepared every single time. But not to worry, if you’re still on the lookout for a great gift that doesn’t completely empty your wallet, we’re here to help. We’ll focus on gifts that need little to no money and just a tiny bit of creativity. Just in case: Father’s Day is on May 9th!

Love Is All You Need


Father’s Day is all about expressing your love and gratitude for your dad. While we understand you may want to show off your love with something flashy, you truly cannot put a price on love. The more personal something is, the more appreciation you’re likely to get for it anyway. Anyone can buy stuff. Only you know your dad the way you do.

If you’re on a budget, there’s no need to fret on Father’s Day. There are numerous ways to celebrate Father’s Day without making your wallet cry.

What matters is that you emphasize thought and creativity. While it’s an old saying, it is true that “the thought counts.”

So, let’s put those thoughts to use: Here’s our list of the 10 best ways to celebrate Father’s Day on a Budget.

10 Ways to Celebrate Father’s Day on a Budget


10. Classic Phone Call:

Nothing beats the personal touch. And nothing is more personal than a heartfelt conversation with your loved ones. This Father’s Day, make sure to pick up the phone and give your dad a call. And make it personal. A phone call can be a wonderful way to catch up on life experiences that you may have forgotten to mention to each other. The farther away you live from your parents, the more a good long phone call counts and makes a difference. Prepare some great anecdotes or have a song of appreciation ready—you know what’ll hit the spot!

9. Make a Spotify Playlist.

This isn’t specific to Spotify; most streaming services will suffice. Using a music service like Spotify, you can craft a personal playlist and send it to your dad, filled with songs that mean something to the both of you. Creative and budget-friendly!

8. Mail a letter.

For the price of paper, ink, an envelope, and a stamp, you can send a heartfelt message to your dad for a great Father’s Day gift on a budget. Everyone appreciates a handwritten letter and it’s something you don’t get that often any more!

7. Cook Dad Dinner

If you live close enough to them, making time and cooking his favorite dish is a great way to spend some time with Dad while also giving him a great gift on a budget. Which leads us to our next idea.

6. Go see Dad.

More all-encompassing than cooking dinner, why not just go out to see your dad on Father’s Day? It’s all about spending quality time with your Father! Maybe you can take him to your favorite spots and talk about great memories?

5. Take care of some things around the house.

Not that your dad can’t handle things on his own, but it might be helpful to take on a few annoying chores for your dad. Maybe take a hand at mowing the lawn!

4. Sending Dad an eCard

We love a good eCard! Faster than snailmail, it’ll be there by Father’s Day, guaranteed. You can also send a bunch of eCards, spread over the day, with individual messages and stories to make sure he knows you love him every hour his special day!

3. Bury the hatchet.

Not literally, unless that’s a thing in your family. But maybe there’s some... stagnant air between the two of you—something in the air that you need to clear. Life is short! Maybe this year is the year to get that emotional baggage off your chest. It’ll strengthen that relationship.

2. Watch your Dad’s favorite movie.

This also falls under “Go See Dad,” but sometimes Dads have a favorite movie that doesn’t get a lot of love from the rest of the family. Why not ask him if he’s down to watch Paths of Glory, Platoon, or A Passage To India with your Dad?

1. Make him some macaroni art.

Never underestimate the power of Macaroni art. Who knows? It might get put up on the fridge!

There you have it. 10 low-budget ideas that can go a long way to show your dad you love him. We hope you found this article useful. Now go and prepare that special gift for the best dad in the world.

Nathan Dennis Guest Writer
Nathan Dennis
Guest Writer