6 Writing Tools to Create Five-Star Content

by Ethan Dunwill

Content writing is often about being creative and intuitive more than it is about vocabulary or niche expertise. Check out how to perfect your craft!

Creating high quality content for blogs and websites can be stressful in the long run. You are constantly required to put extra effort into making sure that your content is relevant, well-written and appealing over a long period of time. Recent studies have shown that people spend about 37 seconds on average reading online articles before moving on to the next exciting thing.

These requirements often force content creators and copywriters to improvise and rely on third-party tools and services. Christopher Mercer, a frequent user of Citatior recently said: “Using writing and outsourcing tools helped me get out of many tight spots over the years.” With that said, let’s take a look at several writing tools that can be used to create five-star content.

1: SERPstat

One of the benchmarks of online content is the inclusion of SEO as an internet norm. Search Engine Optimization dictates whether or not your site will be visible on search engines. If people search for terms relevant to your newly-created content, your SEO will determine whether or not you are “relevant” to that user.

SERPstat represents a tool that can help writers choose correct keywords and phrases for their articles. It can accurately predict which keywords are currently trending in each industry which can prove highly useful for writers looking to create buzz-worthy content for their clients.

2: Blogo

Sometimes all you need is a quality organization and management tool to get you on your way. Blogo is a platform designed to integrate with popular Content Management Systems (CMS) in order to allow for better overview of your blog.

You can control every aspect of your content much more easily and decide which content to publish at what moment. Blogo also allows for content creation on the spot, giving you ample opportunity to centralize your content creation efforts.

3: WriteRack

Social media content creation is often on the table when it comes to copywriting and content creation. Writers are usually tasked with creating short-form content for Twitter, Facebook and Instagram status updates for their clients.

WriteRack is a platform dedicated to short-form content creation and automatic publishing of said content. You can easily “rack up” status updates and posts through the platform and alleviate much of the organization effort from you work.

Proofreading and editing these status updates is also an important part of the process. Due to their short form, the content you post on social media has to be impeccable from the grammatical and formatting standpoint. In that regard, several professional writing services exist that can help you out. The most notable examples available on the market are HotEssayService, FlashEssay, GetGoodGrade and RatedByStudents respectively.

4: Ulysses

If you are an avid reader, you might be familiar with the Ulysses as a popular piece of writing. However, the same name can be applied to one of the most popular and useful writing tools on the market today. Ulysses represents a centralized hub of writing, editing and scheduling of personal projects.

The platform is designed with simplicity and streamlining in mind, giving you a plethora of options when it comes to content organization. It will help you write more content in a quicker and more cohesive manner than any text editing software out there.

5: Hemingway

Sometimes it’s best to trust your instincts and write without frequent edits. However, once the editing process starts, you will want a good grammar checking app on your side. Hemingway is a platform that can quickly and efficiently fix grammar mistakes and formatting errors in your writing. All you have to do is paste your content into the online editor in order to see where your mistakes are. This is a great way for young and inexperienced content creators to learn from their mistakes and create even better content for their clients.

6: Inklyo

Lastly, Inklyo represents an all-in-one hub for writers of every caliber. The site is dedicated to sharing information, discussions, guides and helpful tips for authors and content creators alike. You can find helpful resources and professional advice on a large number of writing challenges you might face down the line.

Inklyo can effectively help you develop a healthy writing routine with a comprehensive support system present on the site. All you have to do is create a personalized account and introduce yourself to the largest online community of writers on the planet.

It’s worth noting that translation and localization play a huge role in content creation in today’s market. Many companies operate on an international level and require localized content for their offshore clients. One of the most popular translation services on the web is IsAccurate. It allows you to hire professional writers and translators for any type of translation you might require at very competitive prices.

In summation

Writers and content creators in general are often only as good as the tools they use. Make sure to give several tools and services a shot before settling for the right combination for your needs. Creating five-star content is often about being creative and intuitive more than it is about vocabulary or niche expertise. Be open-minded to new tools and ideas just as your clients are to the work you do.

Ethan Dunwill
Editorial Director @HotEssayService
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