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Guide to 'Connected Workflows'

by Hung Nguyen

Smallpdf can streamline your workflow through the integration of our powerful tools, one after another.

Smallpdf has 18 tools, and many of them intertwine with each other for our users, particularly for those who process, share and create PDF files on a daily basis.

Perhaps you need to convert a scanned textbook from PDF into an editable format, such as Word, and then compress it to send via email. Or maybe you need to annotate the text further, delete redundant pages or even rotate the scanned pages if they were not placed correctly.

It all sounds very complicated and can be quite a time consuming to convert and manipulate files individually, especially if you need to upload files each time.

Luckily, this is not the case. Smallpdf users can seamlessly move from one tool to another, through using our 'connected workflows' feature.

What Is 'Connected Workflows'?


As its name suggests, we want to reduce repetitive tasks within your document management process, such as file upload or needless navigation on our website. Our 'connected workflows' feature allows you to move from one tool to another with a single click, post-conversion. You only need to upload and download a file once, from start to finish.

How to Utilize the 'Connected Workflow' Feature?


Our result page is filled with tools that can connect to your previous conversion. For instance, here's a simple example where you can convert and compress a file, one after another.

  1. Access any Smallpdf tool via our homepage.

  2. Upload and process your file.

  3. Instead of downloading your file and having to restart a process from scratch with another tool, you will be shown an array of tools on the result page to move from - to continue processing your file. All work that you have previously applied on your file are all saved during this process.

  4. Continue to work through our tools as much as you'd like. Download your file, share or save it to Dropbox/G Drive after you are satisfied.

Our tools are 'connected'

Maximize Your Productivity


Smallpdf Pro users will have access to unlimited conversions as well as 'batch processing'. These features will enable you to process as many files you'd like, all at once, as you move along your workflow.

How else would you like to be able to handle your files? What can we do to help streamline your workflow and save you time dealing with tedious document processes? Let us know via Twitter or email. The Smallpdf Team is always happy to lend a hand.😊

Hung Nguyen
Marketing & Customer Satisfaction Manager
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