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Connected Workflows Now Also Available for Free Smallpdf Users

by Arvo Partanen

We are glad to announce that the Connected Workflows function is now also available for all free Smallpdf users.

Up until now, the Connected Workflows were exclusively available for Smallpdf Pro subscribers.

How do Connected Workflows function?

Often a simple conversion or compression don't meet all your needs, and you want to undertake further work. This is where the Connected Workflows come into play by connecting the tools.

After completing the initial file conversion, you will be able to carry on working with the converted file directly in the next tool by clicking one of the tool icons which appear once the file is ready for download.

See below for an example of how Connected Workflows make it easy to convert a Word document into a PDF and proceed further to compress the converted file:

Connected workflows

This function pairs perfectly with our new eSign PDF tool, which makes it effortless to sign documents electronically. With most of our tools, you can now proceed to sign it straight away, electronically. You can read more about our eSign PDF tool in this blog post.

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our support!

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Arvo Partanen
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