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Happy Earth Day. Go Digital, Save the Planet.

by Hung Nguyen

Today is the day, start managing your documents electronically: save paper, save time, save the planet!

Earth Day, officially known as "International Mother Earth Day", first came about in 1970 through the efforts of Gaylord Nelson. Every year since then, on April 22, people of all ages take to the streets to recycle, plant trees and protest for a greener earth. That being said, our planet, which is now over 4.5 billion years old and houses 8.7 million species, should be celebrated every day.


Being green is not a trend. It’s about adopting a better, greener lifestyle. This is not just for ourselves, but also for the next generation ;)

And it doesn’t have to be difficult either. To coincide with this year's theme to end plastic pollution, we have compiled a short guide to help you become just a bit more sustainable in your every day life through using our free tools.

The Smallpdf "Go Green" Initiative:

It doesn't matter if you are a student, a lawyer, a manager or a director, paperwork will always come your way. It is tedious, everybody dislikes it but still, it has to be handled. At Smallpdf we have a mission: to help our users get rid of all that paper. At work, at home, every day ... no more physical paperwork. Go green, process PDFs electronically and start saving our planet today!

Electronic Mailing

Gone are the days of sending paper letters. Scan your documents and shrink pesty email attachments with our compression tool, to send via your favorite email provider. Read how this little tool also helped shape the foundation of Smallpdf via this blog post.

Sign & Edit Documents Digitally

Why waste time, energy and useful resources to print, sign or edit documents manually when you can now do so electronically? Save paper and sign your contracts with Smallpdf. For Pro users, our software even stores your signatures for future usage. Boy, we really spoil you, huh?

Convert / Merge / Split / Rotate

The PDF format is universal and loved for its flexibility. Convert any other format to and from PDF to easily share and collaborate with others. Furthermore, storing documents electronically also cuts down costs from having to maintain physical storage spaces. In this case, you can seamlessly organise files through our merge, split and rotate functions. Time to say goodbye to the folders, hole punchers and staplers of yesterday.

And lastly, get out more!

As you become productive with your daily work through using our tools, do find time to get out more! Whether to contribute to a good cause over this weekend or simply enjoy a breath of fresh air, every little counts.

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What are you waiting for? Join us on the greener side today! And remember, Smallpdf was made with ♥ for the people of the internet, as well as our planet.

Hung Nguyen
Hung Nguyen
Marketing & Customer Satisfaction Manager
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