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Electronic Signature - a Step-by-Step Tutorial

by Hung Nguyen

Check out how to create, send and sign documents electronically, for you and everyone around you!

Are you tired of having to manually print out contracts, sign, scan and email them to other parties? To make matters worse, you may even have to wait for them to sign and send it back.

Luckily, you can make this issue obsolete with the Smallpdf eSign tool. If you are starting out, here is a step-by-step guide to electronic signatures to get you started.

Drag-and-drop Interface


To start signing any documents electronically, upload the file that needs signing online via the eSign tool.


Sending Documents


This brand new feature allows you to request others to sign the same document via email, by clicking the 'I need someone else to sign' option after uploading your file.


Creating Your Own Electronic Signature


To create your signature, click 'Place Signature' > Create Signature to start. There are three ways to do this.

  1. Draw: sign your name using your mouse, trackpad or stylus.

  2. Upload: import an image file of your signature.

  3. Camera: take a photo of your signature.

Afterward, click 'Save'. You will be taken back to the preview mode of your document.


Applying The Signature to Your Document


After you have created your own signature, click 'Place Signature' again and choose the electronic signature that you have created/imported.

Your e-signature will appear, in which you can freely resize and reposition. Hit 'Apply' once you are ready to sign, let our software work our magic and click 'Download' to save your PDF file.

Adding Text to The Document


What do you commonly have to write alongside with your signature on any document? The date, place and time, of course! To do this with Smallpdf, click 'Add Text' to activate a text box. You can then choose various sizes, fonts, and colors to modify your text!

Text works similarly to your electronic signatures and can be drag-and-dropped to wherever you want on your document.


Anything Else I Should Know?


Smallpdf has 17 other useful PDF tools at your disposal, including:

  • Compression - get your contracts/forms down to email-ready size.

  • Merge - combine multiple signed contracts.

  • Split - extract the page(s) you need to a brand new PDF file.

  • Protect - encrypt your files with a password.

  • Edit - if you need further editing, this is the tool for you.

And that's all there is! Say goodbye to the manual signing of documents and hello to a paperless workspace.

Hung Nguyen
Hung Nguyen
Marketing & Customer Satisfaction Manager
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