Guide to Working with Multiple PDFs

by Hung Nguyen

Learn how to convert, merge, split or compress as many files as you'd like at once, online or offline.

Smallpdf aims to streamline your workflows and increase your productivity by making the handling of your files as efficient as possible.

We're fast, secure and simple to use. But best of all, for Pro users, we also offer many additional features to cut down your processing time even further. Pro accounts have 40% faster upload speed, offline processing - which eliminates the uploading process. But best of all, we allow you to process as many files as you would like, all at once. How to Deal with Multiple Files

Converting and Compress


Both the PDF Converter and Compressor have the capacity to process as many files as you need them to, at once. For the online versions, you can drag-and-drop as many files as you'd like into a toolbox, and we will automatically start to work on them for you.

Accepted formats to convert to and from PDF include JPG, Word, PPT, and Excel. Best yet, you can upload multiple files of different formats to be converted to PDF, all at once. Precisely, all you have to do is:

  1. Upload as many files as you'd like to Smallpdf.

  2. Files will automatically convert to PDF. For compress, we will reduce file size as much as we can for you.

  3. To convert PDF to other formats, we'll let you decide.

  4. Download your files. If there are multiple files, we will place it all in a .zip file for you.

Compress multiple files at once

Modifying Multiple Files


You guessed it. Split, merge, delete pages and rotate all support batch processing. You can modify as many files as you'd like, in any way that you'd like, all at once.

To split PDF into multiple files, access the Split tool, upload the files, choose how you'd like them to split and let us work our magic.

Similarly, merging works in the same manner. Within the tool, you can also switch between 'Page Mode' and 'File Mode' to delete or rearrange individual pages or files efficiently.

Split as many files as you'd like!

Simultaneously Convert and Modify


If you are not familiar with the 'Connected Workflow' function, it essentially allows you to easily move from one tool to another after a task's been completed. Remember to download the final version of your files at the very end.

Continue working on your files, tool after tool.

Stay in Sync Between Teams


Smallpdf also makes collaborative work easy. Google Drive and Dropbox are integrated on our site, for you to import and export your files as you'd like. These platforms make it easy to share, edit and comment on files between team members.

Furthermore, our eSign tool also supports the sending of documents, to request signature. Check out our 'Electronic Signature Tutorial' to learn more about how to do this. You can also check the tool our directly via our homepage!

Process Multiple Files Offline


Our desktop app specializes in converting and processing files offline. This app is designed specifically for those that work on the go, and may not always have access to an internet connection.

The batch compress feature had just been implemented. As files are no longer uploaded online, this cuts down the processing time significantly. You are also no longer constrained by your browser capacity, and how many files it can hold at once!

More Features to Come


We want to continue to improve and simplify your experience when it comes to document management. If you ever have any questions or feature requests, please check out our Support page on how you can get in touch with our team.

Happy converting!

Processing multiple files in batches be like...

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