The Ultimate Guide to Working with PPT and PDF

by Hung Nguyen

Tips on how to convert and manage PPT and PDF for an effortless and paperless work environment.

PDF and PPT have both established as two industry standards over the last decades. While one helps to summary and present data efficiently, the ladder makes it easy to share, store and view documents. Together, you have the perfect duo for to sufficiently manage documents in the digital age - effortless and paperless.

However, it may be a surprise to some as to how interchangeable these two document formats are. PPT can be easily saved as PDF files, even when you do not have access to Microsoft PowerPoint. Furthermore, PDFs can also be converted back to PowerPoint without any alterations to its original content. This guy will cover how to do so instantly.



Smallpdf boasts the most popular online PPT to PDF converter. To do this:

  1. Access the PPT to PDF converter.

  2. Upload your PPT, which will automatically save as PDF.

  3. Download your presentation in PDF format.

  4. Pro Tip: If you have a Smallpdf Pro account, you can upload and convert as many PPT files as you'd like to PDF.

Easy PPT to PDF conversion

Conversely, to convert PDF to PPT


Access the PDF to PPT tool and follow the same steps to save your files back to PPT. This way, it's easy to edit and present your data without the need for a bulky, enterprise-grade software to manage PDF files.

Cloud compatible


If you are a fan of Google Drive and Dropbox, Smallpdf is fully integrated with these two platforms, for you to seamlessly upload and store your files, to and from ours.

Smallpdf boasts a powerful 'connected workflow' feature that allows you to quickly move from one function to another, without the need to re-upload your documents.

Furthermore, PDFs are not dead-ends. They are as easy to manipulate as they are to share and store. To further enhance your working experience with presentations, here are a few other tips to keep you productive.

  • Compress - to get that presentation in email-ready size.

  • Merge - forget manual copy and paste. Combine - your PPTs in PDF formats with our merge tool.

  • Split - conversely, cut them up into various files.

  • Reader - for an optimized reading and reviewing experience.

To check out our full capabilities, do check out our homepage for a complete product listing. And if you need support with your PPTs and PDFs, we're only an email away.

Hung Nguyen
Marketing & Customer Satisfaction Manager
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