The Best 25 Happy Birthday Meme GIFs of 2019

by Hung Nguyen

A roundup of the funniest and cutest birthday meme gifs for you to save and use this year.

It’s 2019, which means the countdown to birthday parties has reset! If you’re looking to personalize your greetings, we’ve prepared the best 25 happy birthday meme gif for you to use.

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1 - See a birthday, say ‘Happy Birthday’

2 - This dog would like to wish you a happy birthday

3 - This pig also would like you to have a delightful one

4 - So does this little hamster

5 - Pikachu and Togepi are also in for a celebration

6 - So does this legion of minions

7 - One time for the birthday bish

8 - Two times for the birthday bish

9 - Three times from queen bee

10 - It’s your birthday day, bad bish contest, you in first place

11 - It’s ya birthday! Smack it, smack it in the air!

We have come to recognize our obsession with Beyonce. But then again, who isn't?

12 - I don’t want cake for my birthday; I want cake every day!

13 - Different happy birthday meme gif, the same sentiment

14 - Who doesn’t like cake? Surprise them!

15 - Another birthday meme involving cake

16 - Make a wish!

17 - Remember to stay safe on your born day

18 - You’re the king of the world on this day

19 - Hope your birthday is in-tents

20 - Go nuts with this happy birthday gif

21 - A bouquet would do

22 - There’s always this one person. Send them a meme anyway

23 - Even if you don’t mean it, say it!

Just don't be shady like Nene!

24. Sophisticated decline to a birthday invitation

25. That’s a wrap



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Happy birthday-ing all 2019 long. And most importantly, don't forget about yourself!

Gotta let them know!

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