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How Can PDF Tools Support Digital Transformation?

by Olivia Baker

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The digital transformation is well on its way, but how can PDF tools help you make the move from digital to paperless?

Before 2020, although many companies and institutions had ideas and visions for the digital and paperless office, things moved along slowly and without drive. If the last few years have shown us anything, it’s that all it really took was a sense of urgency. With remote work becoming more than an added bonus or an occasional exception to the rule, businesses and governments around the world realized the need for a resilient transformation. In the wake of this development, digital document management was one key ingredient to move things along, with sophisticated tools clearing the path.

Benefits of Digital Transformation


Recent statistics on PDFs and e-signing show that businesses that made the move from paper to digital or electronic signing saved between 55% and 78% in costs associated with material, administration, shipping, and subscriptions—saving $36 per agreement on average. In addition, they observed an 80% reduction in time needed for document signing and mistakes made during this process.

Nearly 90% of businesses already know that the digital revolution will eventually disrupt their industry, but about 46% of these companies claim they aren’t prepared for it. This is despite the fact that digital transformation has proven to enhance business growth potential by up to 50%.

Particularly in terms of e-signing, we’re seeing a drastic shift, since security features such as biometrics provide an added layer of security and trust. With this in mind, even a high-risk industry like the financial sector is adopting electronic and digital signing. Driving factors bring mainly customer expectation for digital interaction (56%) and the increased legal acceptance of e-signatures around the world (46%). Those who’ve already adopted the technology into their processes today see over 92% cut in scanning errors, an 80% improvement in audit efficiency, as well as a 66% reduction in missing files.

PDF is the most used document type in business today, and e-signing, editing, converting, and compressing are the most common tasks performed with PDFs. It’s clear that one of the simplest ways to be prepared for the digital revolution is to use PDF tools that enhance both business resilience and sustainability by paving the way to the paperless office.

Digital Transformation Solutions


Regardless of who you ask about their digital transformation, they will universally agree that the right tools make all the difference. Technology is the essential driving force behind digital transformation, making the process possible and easier at the same time. Among the many options available to you, Smallpdf is one of the leading solutions, able to help you with your digital transformation!

Smallpdf started out as a single compression tool to make it easier for people to send large documents and heavy email attachments. Today, we provide more than 20 easy-to-use tools to assist you with nearly every PDF need, saving you time and money and, of course, improving your sustainability through digital transformation.

Smallpdf’s suite of tools can support your PDF and document management tasks by:

  • converting PDFs to Word, Excel, JPG, and PowerPoint, and back again.
  • compressing PDFs up to 70% of the original document size without compromising on document integrity.
  • e-signing PDFs and requesting signatures electronically.
  • scanning PDFs with the Smallpdf Mobile App.
  • merging and splitting PDF documents.
  • adding page numbers to PDFs.
  • encrypting and decrypting PDFs.
  • editing PDFs, including adding text, highlights, shapes, and images.

Our 20+ PDF tools are available to help with specific document tasks, and they can also help you create a sequence of tasks to solve almost any document management problem you can think of.

Check out the Smallpdf blog to get the whole picture of how Smallpdf’s tools can help with your digital transformation. Be sure to explore our tools to see how we can make PDF easy for you and your business.

Olivia Baker
Olivia Baker
Content Writer