How to Write Useful Feedback

by Kristina Wagner

Our magic formula for giving feedback effectively.

At Smallpdf, we care a lot about usability. We make it easy to submit feature requests, report issues, give feedback, and write to our support team. Real people (not bots) go over every piece of information we receive with a fine-tooth comb. Of course, we work best if you give us constructive feedback - and since we know that giving feedback effectively is easier with a checklist, here's what you ought to include.  

Definitely include:

  • What tool you are using

  • A description of the document you are trying to process, including any extra noteworthy information

  • Your end goal - why you needed to use our tool in the first place

  • Why the tool did not meet your expectations


Bonus material:

  • The file that failed, attached. (This is entirely optional - your files will be kept confidential! But it will make it much easier for us to reproduce the problem.)

  • A screenshot or the current state (if applicable)

  • Any error messages you were shown.  


The Magic Formula

I'm trying to (tool/action) a (notable document characteristic) (description of document) so that I can (your goal). It failed because (reason).


"I'm trying to compress a very large (400+ page) scan of my biology textbook so that I can email it to my friend. However, the compress tool only compresses my textbook to 98MB and my email will not send a file unless it is under 20MB."

Submit your feedback

If you have comments or suggestions, you can report an issue or suggest a feature on our help page.

From our desktop app, you can always submit feedback using the Menu bar. Go to Help > Suggest a Feature or Help > Report an Issue.


Thank you for giving feedback effectively, by including specific and descriptive information!

Kristina Wagner
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