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Introducing the PDF Converter - All in one!

by Janina Kivinen

Check out the all new PDF Converter. The 17th tool of the Smallpdf saga allows you to convert Word, Excel, PPT and image files into PDFs & vice versa.

Smallpdf aims to offer our users the most simplistic and effective methods to convert, edit and work with PDF files. Hence, we have recently introduced a brand new and comprehensive function: the PDF Converter.

The 17th tool of the Smallpdf family allows you to easily convert PDFs into your favorite file formats, including: Word, Excel, PPT and JPG (and vice versa) - all in one page!

You can access the tool here.

How does it work - convert your files by following these easy steps below:

Step 1: Upload or drag and drop your file into the drop area.

Step 2: Click the desired file format, on the right-hand side, in which you would like to convert your PDF into. If you upload a file which is not a PDF, the converter will automatically convert it into a PDF.

Step 3: Simply download your newly converted PDF file and you're all done!


Our PDF Creator is free to use, twice per hour. As a Smallpdf Pro user, you would have limitless access to all of our tools. We are also continuously working towards adding new functions for our users over time.

We hope you enjoy our newly introduced tool and happy converting!

Janina Kivinen
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