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Introducing Smallpdf Viewer, Compress & Convert

by Jen

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We’ve made the Smallpdf App even better—with Viewer, Compress, and Convert!

The Smallpdf App brings a handy suite of PDF problem-solving tools straight to your mobile device, so you can scan, store, and send PDF documents on the go. But being the world’s most-loved and most-trusted PDF software inspires us to bring you even more PDF tools to make document management a piece of cake.

Om nom nom.

So what’s new?


We’ve introduced three nifty new features to the Smallpdf App, including Smallpdf Viewer, for easier document access and readability, Smallpdf Compress, and Smallpdf Convert. Whether you’re looking to read PDF text on your iPhone or create a PDF file on your Android device, here’s how these new PDF tools will help make your life easier:

Smallpdf Viewer


With Smallpdf Viewer, you can now open files other than PDFs, such as JPGs and Word documents, on your iOS or Android device. Activate the read mode in this function and you’ll enjoy easier readability as the app automatically zooms into the text for you.

How to use Smallpdf Viewer:

Step 1: Select the document you want to view.

viewer 1

Step 2: Tap on the spectacles in the top right-hand corner.

viewer 2

Step 3: Et voilá! A comfortable reading experience just for you.

viewer 3

Smallpdf Compress


Size does count! With Smallpdf Compress, you can select the basic compression option to reduce file size by 40% or the strong compression option to reduce file size by 75%, all without losing your original file. Easy-peasy!

How to use Smallpdf Compress:

Step 1: Select the document you want to compress.

compress 1

Step 2: Select the compress function.

compress 2

Step 3: Choose “Strong compression” or “Basic compression” depending on your needs.

compress 3

Step 4: Now you can manage your newly compressed file from your storage space.

compress 4

Smallpdf Convert


Besides being able to capture high-quality PDFs with our document scanning feature, you can now convert PDFs to Word, Word documents to PDF, PDFs to JPG, and JPGs to PDF on your iPhone or Android device without losing your original files. It’s basically magic—and magically basic. Wingardium PDF-osa!

How to use Smallpdf Convert:

Step 1: Select the file you want to convert.

convert 1

Step 2: Select “Convert” from the drop-down list.

convert 2

Step 3: Choose the document type to which you’d like to convert your file.

convert 3

Step 4: You’re done! Your converted file is now saved in your storage space and awaits your command.

convert 4

Get in on these handy new Smallpdf App functions, in addition to Smallpdf Scanner for creating PDFs, by downloading the app to your iOS or Android device here.

Smallpdf is the first and only PDF software you’ll love, which is why we’ve brought a suite of handy PDF tools straight to your iOS or Android device with the Smallpdf App. Now you can instantly create high-quality scans, seamlessly edit and view PDFs, convert and compress files, and share your documents with a single tap.

Learn more about Smallpdf Scanner here.

Jennifer Rees
UX Writer