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How to View or Download Invoices

by Hung Nguyen

Check out how to retrieve the invoice of your Smallpdf Pro account.

Hey Pro user, are you having trouble downloading your invoices?

Or perhaps you're an occasional user looking to upgrade and have questions regarding our billing process?

Either way, this is how you can go about doing so.

Step 1: Go to the account page


If you are logged in, click on your avatar at the top right-hand corner > Account to access this page.

If you are logged out, click 'Login' first to access your Pro account, then click on the avatar or this link.

Access the account page from anywhere on our site.

Step 2: Scroll down to the 'Invoices' section


Here, you will have an overview of all previous invoices, along with the invoice number, date, the amount and the status of the invoice.

On the right-hand side, click 'Preview' to open the invoice inside your web browser, or 'Download' to save the invoice to your computer.

View to download your previous invoice(s).



I don't see an 'Invoices' section


This problem happens when you are not logged into your Pro account. If you are logged into a 'free' account instead that had not paid for a subscription, you will not have access to any invoices.

Please double check to ensure that you are logged into the correct account to update your billing info, view your invoices, and of course, have unlimited access to our web tools and desktop app.

Can I get my future invoices via email?


Of course! On the account page, scroll to the 'Billing Address' section > enter a billing email into the field titled 'Email Invoices To' > hit 'Update Billing Address' to save this change.

Afterward, whenever a new billing cycle starts, and an invoice is generated, we will send you the invoice right away.

The billing email can be different from your actual login email, in case you wish to send it to a different party, i.e. your accountant or the billing department.

Enter your billing email.

Can I update my billing info?


Yes, via the 'Billing Address' section. Here, you can update your name, billing email, company, as well as the address. Once you update this invoice, scroll down to the bottom of the page to view and download your updated invoices.

I'm on a trial, can I get an invoice?


Unfortunately not, but the invoice will be generated by our system once your subscription officially starts and you have been charged. Make sure to put in a billing email if you would like to receive your invoice per email.

I can't download or view my invoice


This issue arises when your local firewall/proxy blocks you from access our servers (where we store your invoice). In this case, contact your IT support, and they should be able to help you out!

How can I insert a VAT number?


Unfortunately, we do not have an option to input VAT ID onto our invoices at the moment. However, Smallpdf does pay for any VAT displayed on your invoices.

Questions? We're only an email away.

Hung Nguyen
Marketing & Customer Satisfaction Manager
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