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10 Thoughtful Last Minute Father's Day Gifts

by Hung Nguyen

The 10 best last-minute Father's Day gifts that are worth the one-day shipping fee. Don't bore him this year with the same old generic presents!

Father's Day is right around the corner. If you're ill-prepared when it comes to presents, you're not alone. Our office's been in frantic mode this week, scrambling for ideas of the perfect, last minute Father's Day gift. This list is what we've managed to come up with collectively (sans 4 team members, who must not love their dads).

An Instant Camera - to capture magic moments, such as this Father's Day

9571033-1-multi ↳Fujifilm Instax SQ10 Hybrid Instant Camera - ASOS

A Bonsai - for the dad who loves his plants


A Cork Globe - for the dad that's always on the go

8774890-1-multi ↳SUCK Cork Globe - ASOS

An Arcade Game Console - for the old-school dad

8952613-1-multi ↳My Arcade Gamer V Portable Console - ASOS

↳220 pre-loaded games for your dad to feel nostalgic on this day

A Boombox - for the super old-school dad

9601287-1-multi ↳Mustard Battery Powered Boombox Speaker - ASOS

↳Turn up the boom-box, put on your high-tops...

A Set of Emergency Beards - for the new school dad

9978789-1-multi ↳Gift Republic Emergency Beards - ASOS

An Ice Wedge - for the 'cool' dad

8289274-2 ↳Corkcicle Whisky Ice Wedge - ASOS

A Card - because every little counts on Father's Day

9796656-1-multi ↳Ohh Deer First Class Dad Father's Day Card - ASOS

Another Card - for the dad that's still putting a roof over your head

9857600-1-multi ↳Central 23 Sorry I Haven't Moved Out Yet Father's Day Card - ASOS

A Smallpdf Pro Account - to make PDFs easy for your dad

Fun fact: Did you know that Smallpdf has 3 dads? Our 3 founders founded Smallpdf in 2013 to help their own parents compress PDFs.😎

We trust that you will find the perfect Father's Day gift for your pop. If not, just know that the day after's never too late!


Hung Nguyen
Marketing & Customer Satisfaction
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