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Smallpdf Desktop - A New PDF Experience

by Hung Nguyen

The Smallpdf desktop app offers a wide range of comprehensive and exclusive offline tools to read, analyze, convert and edit PDFs. Don't miss out!

Smallpdf is a well known online platform, with over 15 million monthly users, a top 600 Alexa ranking and 18 tools to compress, edit, convert and eSign your PDF documents within seconds.

One of the main factors that attribute to our PDF software's extreme popularity is because we listen; to user requests, needs and priorities. Since the beginning of our journey, we've noted that one major determinant that can further improve users' document management experience is the ability to process files offline.

Because of this, we've been hard at work all year long to enhance our Desktop app, just for this purpose. To take the easy and seamless experience working with PDF that we've been offering offline. As such, the Smallpdf Desktop can not only process files in the same capacity as it's online sibling, it's also much faster, versatile and comprehensive.

Here's a list of all the exclusive functionalities that are only available on the Smallpdf Desktop app.

The Smallpdf Reader


Our initial thought was to fulfill the needs of a PDF reader, which is not a feature that we offer online. The Smallpdf Reader possesses a minimalistic design and sleek interface, for an optimized reading experience. It also comes with all the essential features to help you read, analyze and compare PDF documents, including bookmarks, zoom, search, print, and preview.

Ouir PDF Reader is free for life for you to download, as we believe reading and viewing PDF files easily should come without a price tag. 😊

pdf reader interface

All-in-one PDF Reader, for all your PDF needs.

Improved Functionalities


TST (The Smallpdf Team) aims not only to bring the processing functionalities offline to our PDF software but also to make it much better. Because of this, all the tools that we add to the desktop app come with further enhancements, including new mini functionalities.

Compress and Convert


As the Smallpdf Desktop app process files locally, without the need of an internet connection, this cut down the time spent on processing files that would typically take up to upload files significantly.

With the lack of need to upload anything, your files are guaranteed to process much more swiftly than its online counterpart. Our team has also recently implemented the capability to batch compress files, with batch conversion in the works for an upcoming release.

We aim to make PDF easy, including the simple reading experience. Files can be opened automatically with Smallpdf, as long as you have us set as your default Reader.

Windows users can now compress PDF files with a single right-click! This feature will soon roll out for Mac users as well.

batch compress

Batch compress like a pro.



The Smallpdf rotate tool makes organizing files easily. The function can be used to turn, delete pages and reorganize pages within a PDF file within clicks. The desktop app also offers more flexible zooming options, which you can access through the preview page of the tool.

NEW FUNCTION: You can also insert blank pages into your PDF files from within the Rotate tool, to help make sorting out pages and files much more effective.

desktop rotate

Rotate pages with Smallpdf Desktop.



One particular feature that had consistently been requested by users was the ability to split one PDF into multiple, smaller files. Well, your prayers have been answered, as the offline version of the split function on our desktop app can do just this. On top of being able to split your files into individual files with one page each, you can also decide which sections to 'cut' the file.

NEW FUNCTION: Split PDF into multiple files, as mentioned.

desktop split

Split one file into multiple PDFs.

Extract - Exclusive to Smallpdf Desktop


This exclusive tool in the desktop app is derived from our online split tool, which you may find familiar. You can select multiple pages to 'extract' into a brand new PDF file.

NEW FUNCTION: Though the split functionality remains pretty much intact, the Extract tool is much more functional, as it allows you to select every single page in the PDF file. Afterward, you can deselecting the pages you do not wish to include in your new file, before the extraction process. With this, you can automate the manual sorting of larger PDF files, with countless pages, such as eBooks or extensive instruction manuals.

desktop extract

Split PDF files.



Our popular merge tool did not require any improvements, as it's perfect as it is. Open a PDF file within our PDF software, click on 'Merge', add other files and start the merging process.

NEW FUNCTION: We have implemented the delete pages, rotate and organize features right into the preview section of the merge tool.

desktop merge

Merge PDF files offline.

Online or Offline?


While the online Smallpdf website focuses on integration with Dropbox and Google Drive, as well as the 'connected workflow' feature to help make managing PDF files as quick and seamless as possible, our Desktop PDF software does so by eliminating the need to upload files and cross-integration of functions within each other.

Whether you prefer to process your PDFs online or offline depends entirely on your needs.

If you do not wish to install an application and store files online via file storing services, such as Dropbox and Google Drive, our online website is just for you. It's fast, effective and can be accessed via virtually any OS and internet browser.

However, if you work a lot on-the-go and don't always have an internet access, the Desktop app is for you. Furthermore, it's also suitable for professions that require a lot of close examination and viewing of documents.

What's next?


We take our time in perfecting our product. And even as the desktop app has become quite comprehensive already, there are many more exciting features to come. You will soon be able to convert other formats to PDF, lock, unlock and eSign PDF files.

If you are a Pro user, enjoy unlimited access as part of your subscription. All you have to do is install the software, and activate your Pro account!

Free users also have access to a trial of the product, with access to all the tools for a limited amount of time.

What are you waiting for? Check out the download page for the Desktop app today!

For questions, feedback, and suggestions, drop us an email at any time. As a company built on users' needs, we read, absorb and integrate your opinion within every step of our product development.😇

Thank you again for using Smallpdf. We appreciate you profusely, and here to many more tools to come!

Hung Nguyen
Hung Nguyen
Marketing Manager
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