Smallpdf in the Top 1000 Most Visited Global Sites

by Hung Nguyen

Smallpdf has solidified its status as one of the most visited websites in the world, and you made it happen!

Thanks to over 13 million users recorded for September, Smallpdf sits comfortably within the top 1000 most visited websites on the planet, according to Alexa. From a simple compression tool which took coffee donations, our user base has grown by over 800% in the last 3 years, converting over 1 million files a day! Find out some of our secrets to success below:

Organic Growth

For those of you that don't know, Smallpdf started back in 2013 as a simple compression tool from our three founders. Since then, we have organically grown tremendously over the past few years thanks to large support from all over the world. Our 13 million and expanding user base is spread out from all over the world, including large markets such as the United States, India, Indonesia, Brasil, and Russia. The site has also been translated into 20 languages to accommodate users' needs!

As a bootstrapped internet company, we live and breath on the World Wide Web. A large part of our growth is due to word of mouth as well as shares over social media sites, such as Facebook and Twitter. Our exponential growth would not have been achieved without the daily sharing of our tools from dedicated users over these channels.

Continuous Improvement

On top of contributing to traffic growth, Smallpdf users are also extremely hands-on in product development. From our first compression tool, following product offers have all been resulted from feature requests from our users. We have now a comprehensive portfolio of 16 PDF tools that allows you to convert, edit and protect your files.

Furthermore, users play a large role in maintaining site stability. We get immediate tickets whenever there's a bug on the website, whether it's an error with a converted file to a translation error. Nothing is ever too trivial as our slogan to 'Make PDF Easy' requires at most efficiency and simplicity when it comes to using the site. Therefore, we appreciate all the feedbacks profusely as thanks to you, we have built a great product to back up our status as one of the most popular online PDF software. Of course, it all comes down to catering a great service to our users!


As our company grows, we have gone through a few shake-ups regarding financing. As a proud bootstrapped company, Smallpdf had never been injected with any venture capital. This allowed the founders to have full control of the decision-making process, and fully focus on developing the best product for the users.

We initially relied on advertising revenues as well as coffee donations from our users to run our site. With these donations, we were able to keep ads to a minimum to maintain a clean and simple design and optimize user experience.

Fast forward to 2016 and the introduction of our premium offering, we have then removed the option to donate as users can support Smallpdf directly, on top of receiving added perks of having a Pro account. This new feature has been so well received and popular, that the newly generated source of income had overtaken the initial stream from advertisements!

What's next?

With our continued success and growth, we are able to allocate even more resources to create great PDF tools for our users.

A Desktop variant has been in the work for some time, with imminent plan to launch later this year. A sneak peek of the full version can be found through our free Reader, available for download on our site.

Whether it's a feature suggestion, glitch report or simply a shout-out because we've helped to make your day easier, we read and appreciate every tweet, email and support ticket. Smallpdf would not be where we are today without our users to thank for.

Have you tried out our free brand new Desktop software? Let us know which feature you'd first like to be added via @smallpdf or info@smallpdf.com

Hung Nguyen
Marketing & Customer Satisfaction
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