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50 Most Frequently Asked Questions About PDF On The Internet Answered

by Hung Nguyen

Smallpdf takes on the 50 most searched for questions on Google about PDF. We make PDF easy, after all!

Halloween is almost upon us!🎃

And although we're all in for treats, we also like to get mischievous at times. Because of this, we've scanned google search queries and compiled up the top 50 questions that people frequently ask the search engine about our favorite file format, along with all the answers to your PDF needs.

Questions are listed in decreasing order, from the most to least in search volume.

All tricks and treats with Smallpdf 🎃

Without further ado, here we go. Rapid-fire style!

1. How to Edit a PDF?


Two ways to do this. Either:

1 - Edit a PDF with the Smallpdf Editor, where you can freely add text, shapes, images and freehand drawings onto your PDF files.

2 - Convert the PDF to its original format via the PDF converter, edit, and then convert it back using the very same tool.

2. How to convert a PDF to Word?


We've got the most popular online PDF to Word Converter, at your disposal. Upload your file > let Smallpdf work our magic > download file.

We almost never fail to do this. If we do, we owe you a sweet this Halloween.

3. How to combine PDF files?


The Smallpdf Merge tool got you covered. We'd suggest a different solution, but ain't nobody got us beat when it comes to PDF combining.

3. How to convert PDF to JPG?


We have this one too. Smallpdf can either convert the entire PDF file to a JPG file or extract all the images from a PDF to JPG format.

4. What does PDF stand for?


PDF is an acronym for Portable Document Format, which was first introduced in 1993 by Adobe. The format, which first started as a side project to fulfill a 'dream for a paperless office', has become an industry standard two decades later, thanks to its portability, compatibility with different OS and ease of use.

Furthermore, there would be no Smallpdf without PDF, so thanks a bunch, Adobe. 😊

5. How to delete pages from PDF?


Good question! The 'Delete Pages' tool is the newest addition to our PDF suite, and can help you to seamlessly remove needless pages from your PDF files.

6. How to edit PDF on Mac?


As an online PDF software, our PDF editor can be accessed via any operating system, including Mac! As long as you have an internet connection and a browser, you are good to go.

7. How to type on a PDF?


Check out our 'How to Type on a PDF' guide to learn more about the many ways in which you can type on PDF files, with Smallpdf or in its original format.

8. How to password protect a PDF?


Via the Protect Tool.

Primarily, you'd want to encrypt your files with an unbreakable password, which we offer for free via the named tool. There's also a blog article to help you with this, called 'How to Encrypt a PDF File".

Password protect for PDF made easy

9. How to compress a PDF?


By using our Compress PDF Tool.

Drag-and-drop > compress > download. No explanation needed.

10. How to reduce PDF file size?######  

This is the same as question No.9, no?

11. How to convert word to PDF?


With our Word to PDF tool! Upload, convert, download. Free to use.

12. How to cite a PDF?


Interesting question! How to cite a PDF will depend on the type of the source that the PDF is, as well as the style of citation you adopt/or are required to use (Chicago, APA or MLA).

  • For Chicago - add the description after the title with brackets.

  • For APA - add 'PDF file' after the title. No commas or period needed.

  • For MLA - the medium description should be 'PDF file.'

If you're lazy (like some of us were back in university), so why not use an online citation tool for this instead.

13. How to sign a PDF?


Electronic signatures are awesome. Use our eSign tool instantly, or check out our step-by-step tutorial if you are new to the world of e-signing.

Electronic signing PDF files with Smallpdf

14. How to write on a PDF?


We have a guide on this too, literally called 'How to write on a PDF.' This query is almost the same as question 7, on how to type on PDF files.

15. How to save a webpage as a PDF?


For most webpages (sans Firefox 😕), you can click Print > Save As PDF and hit Print. Cool, huh?

We have a guide on how to do this on Edge, Safari, and Chrome. Mozilla really need to enable this function for Firefox!

16. How to make a PDF smaller?


By compressing it.

If you ever wonder how our compression tool works, we essentially scan your file, identify and strip our repetitive patterns without damaging the quality of your PDF.

17. How to make a PDF fillable?


You can either use a PDF form filler, or convert it to its original format to fill out, and convert it back with our PDF Converter.

Alternatively, add text using the PDF Editor, available for free via our website.

18. How to convert PDF to Excel?


Via the PDF to Excel Converter on Smallpdf.😊

19. What is a PDF file?


Portable.Document.Format. Peep question No.4!

20. How to cite a PDF in APA?


In APA, you need to add the phrase 'PDF file' after the title of the journal, i.e., PDF for Dummies. (2018). pdf for dummies journal [PDF file]. Retrieved from http://www.pdffordummies.com/ebook.pdf

21. How to insert PDF into Word?


Open Word doc > Insert > Object > From File ... > Choose PDF > Insert. Voila!

In-depth guide available on our blog, called 'How to Insert PDF to Word'.

22. How to make a PDF editable?


Again, convert it to its original format via our converter, or write on it via the edit tool.

23. How to rotate PDF?


The Smallpdf Rotate tool can turn your pages 90, 180 or 270 degrees.

24. How to separate PDF pages?


Our Split PDF function can either cut one file into smaller files or select pages to save as a brand new PDF.

25. How to remove password from PDF?


Using the PDF Unlock tool. Pray that the password is not encrypted; otherwise, our hands are tied.

26. How to print to PDF?


Similar to the question on how to save webpages to PDF, you have to click Print > Save As PDF > Print. Easy as pie.

27. How to make PDF file?


Well, you gotta have a starting point, i.e. Word, PPT, Excel or Image file. Then, pop it to one of our tools and convert it to PDF in a heartbeat. Remember to download your files.

28. How to search a PDF?


Control + F (Windows) or Command + F (Mac). This method should work on most internet browsers and PDF readers. If not, you really should not use those applications.

29. How to open PDF file?


With a PDF reader. The Smallpdf Reader is free to download, created to help you get your worth of reading in an optimized and focused environment.

30. How to convert to PDF?


Phew, so many questions about conversions.

We don't blame them, as this is hard to conduct, traditionally. Again, access the PDF Converter on our site, upload your file and go from there.

31. How to merge PDF files with Adobe Reader?


We love Adobe for creating the PDF format, but our own Merge tool is pretty sweet, so this was never really a question. Sorry!

Access the Smallpdf Merge PDF tool and combine those pesky files today.

32. How to save an email as a PDF?


First, you have to view the email in a print-friendly format.

This function is usually enabled already with your email client by clicking 'Print.' Then, do the usual Print > Save As PDF > Print to have your email saved as a PDF file on your computer.

33. How to change JPG to PDF?


JPG to PDF Converter, courtesy of Smallpdf. As with all of our other tools, it's free and easy to use.

34. How to extract pages from a PDF?


For online usage, go to Smallpdf > Split PDF > Select Pages to Extract > Choose Pages > Spit PDF > Download

For offline, download Smallpdf Desktop > Open PDF > Extract Pages Tool > Choose Pages > Extract > Choose the location to save the newly extracted file.

35. How to add a signature to PDF?


Via our Sign PDF page! If you have a signature, you can upload it. Otherwise, the tool will allow you to draw a new e-signature.

Afterward, click 'Place Signature' > Drag signature to where it needs to be placed > Apply.

36. How to unsecure a PDF?


If unsecure means to remove a password from a PDF, then use our Unlock PDF Tool. A guide on 'How to Unlock a PDF' is also available on our blog with step-by-step instructions to help you out!

37. How to open PDF in Word?


You can't. You can insert a PDF into Word. Otherwise, convert it from PDF to Word.

38. How to cite a PDF in MLA?


For MLA formatting, you only have to change the medium description to PDF file.

Example: Doe, Jane. "PDF for Dummies." 2018. PDF file.

39. How to search for a Word in a PDF?


Peep question No.28

40. How to edit text in a PDF?


There are PDF editors that you can buy to edit existing text, but they may come with a hefty price.

What we like to do is convert a PDF to its native format, edit, delete or add content to it, then save it back to PDF format.

41. How to insert PDF into PowerPoint?


Open the PPT > Insert Object > Object > From File...> Choose PDF > Insert > Ok Full guide available on our blog - 'How to Insert PDF into PowerPoint'.

42. How to draw on a PDF?


Our PDF Editor supports freehand drawings! Access the Smallpdf Edit tool > Upload File > Draw.

43. How to create a PDF?


Smallpdf has many tools to convert Excel, Word, PPT, and Images to PDF. Check out our homepage to find all of them, along with 14 other useful and easy-to-use tools. Oh, they are all free, too! :)

44. How to encrypt a PDF?


With a strong password via Protect PDF tool. If you are unsure which password is right, read up on our 'How to Set a Strong Password the Old-School Way' guide.

45. How to save one page of a PDF?


Go to our Split tool > Upload the PDF > Choose only 1 page > Split. Guide: 'How to Save One Page of a PDF' to get you started, with instructions for you to do this.

46. How to add pages to a PDF?


You can combine many PDF files into one with our merge tool. If you'd like to add a blank file, check out the Smallpdf Desktop app for this.

47. How to save outlook email as PDF?


Peep question No.32

48. How to copy and paste from PDF?


If the content of a PDF is not protected from editing, you can highlight text and copy them as usual.

If they are, you'd need OCR capabilities to convert these files into an editable format, using the Smallpdf Converter.

49. How to convert picture to PDF?


Fun fact: Smallpdf can convert all kind of image files, including JPG, TIFF, BMP, PNG, and GIF to PDF, with the JPG to PDF with our Image to PDF Converter. All-in-one capabilities. The P in PDF is indeed for Portable!

50. How to save PDF on iPhone?


When you have a PDF opened online, click the middle option on the bottom of Safari, there will be an option to 'Save as PDF.' Pretty nifty, huh?

Phew, and the very last question!

And that sums up our coverage on the 50 most frequently asked questions on Google. We're glad that many of these queries can be resolved using our tool,s which are free to use, for your convenience.

There were, of course, many duplicates, which we aimed to avoid. If you need further elaboration on some of these issues, send an email our way, or just tweet us.

We hope that's enough tricks for you for the whole year. Happy Halloween from the Smallpdf team, and we hope a lot of treats to come your way! 🎃

Hung Nguyen
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