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Top 50 Startups in Europe - See Who Made It In the List

by Hung Nguyen

You can also read this article in German, French, Indonesian and Italian.

From a cloud-based PDF software to a search engine that plants trees. Check out the top 50 Startups of Europe in 2017 according to Startupranking.com.

The European Startup Ecosystem


Whilst Silicon Valley stands as the undisputed leader of startup hubs, having spawned highly successful companies, namely Uber and Airbnb, the European startup ecosystem has also been emerging rapidly over the past few years.

Main drivers of this growth include high levels of technology entrepreneurship and recovering economic conditions. This trend is further driven by substantial financing landscape, determined governmental backing and a highly diverse and mobile talent pool across the continent. Multiple European cities have solidified their startup hub status, including London and Berlin.

We here at Smallpdf want to share our journey, as well as others as a mean to continuously drive this trend. Derived from Startupranking, in which the ranking is measured based on each individual startup’s internet presence and social media influence. From a cloud-based PDF software to a search engine that plants trees, here are the top 50 European Startups:


Distribution of the top 50 Startups over Europe (acc. to Startupranking)

Overview of the leading startup of each country, along with their respective overall ranking:

Prezi - Hungary (1)

As its name suggests, Prezi, short for ‘presentation’ in Hungarian is an online presentation software that offers ‘conversational presenting’ to both individuals and businesses.

WeTransfer - the Netherlands (2)

Cloud-based file transfer service that allows users to send files without complications associated with logins, data capture and disruptive advertising, serving users from over 190 countries, accumulating over 100 millions of traffic each month.

Telegram - Russia (3)

Popular messaging app with a focus on speed and security. Further features include end to end encrypted private messaging, group chat support and photo editing tools.

Blockchain - United Kingdom (4)

The world’s most popular digital currency wallet. Blockchain is the leading software for managing digital assets, powering over 100 million transactions over 140 countries.

Freepik - Spain (5)

Online platform that offers free graphic resources, including high quality photos, illustrations and vectors for creative work.

Trustpilot - Denmark (10)

Online review community where customers can share their experiences, boost purchasing confidence and assist businesses to improve their customer experience.

SocialBakers - Czech Republic (11)

One of the world’s leading social marketing and analytic suits, servicing to half of the Global Fortune 500 with social media statistics to measure, compare and optimise their online presence.

Ecosia - Germany (12)

Search engine that plants trees! Ecosia invests 80% of its earnings to tree plantation with an ambitious aim of having totaled planted trees to 1 billion by 2020.

Sellfy - Latvia (14)

E-commerce platforms that allows the transaction of digital products, including ebooks, comics, design assets, music and just about any type of digital file, with over 100,000 creators and 1,000,000 products online.

Tictail - Sweden (15)

Social shopping marketplace, offering a platform for emerging independent brands from over the world to sell their products, ranging from clothes, jewelry and art.

Tinkercad - Finland (18)

Browser based 3D design tool that users can use to create 3D printable products, anything from toys to prototypes and decorations.

DataCamp - Belgium (19)

Leading Online Data Science School, offering interactive training programs for over 1,000,000 users from a myriad of backgrounds, including statistics, linguistics, psychology and economics.

Musixmatch - Italy (20)

The world’s largest lyrics catalogue database, catering to over 40 million users worldwide.

Pearltrees - France (22)

Social curation community where users can discover, organise and share interests from over the web.

Toggl - Estonia (24)

Internet based time tracking tool that allows users to track time spent on various projects and analyse productivity.

ThemeIsle - Romania (23)

Pirate themed (literally) firm that offers WordPress themes, templates, plugins and support.

Smallpdf - Switzerland (32)

Our own Smallpdf is designed to be the first PDf software that you actually like, with simple, secured and efficient processing of PDFs over 16 tools and 20 languages, serving over 10 million monthly users.

Intercom - Ireland (33)

Intercom offers messaging products for sales, marketing and customer service professionals, all in one platform, designed to have real conversations and to build connection with customers.

Antyweb - Poland (42)

Leading tech blog in Poland, covering all things going on in Poland as well as the world of Internet.

Trendyol - Turkey (45)

Turkey’s biggest online fashion retailer, with over 12 million members and 60 million items on sale.

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Hung Nguyen
Hung Nguyen
Senior Growth Marketing Manager @Smallpdf