Product Updates at Smallpdf

by Arvo Partanen

Follow this blog post to keep up to date with all important product updates at Smallpdf.


We here at Smallpdf are working hard in making sure that working with PDFs keeps on getting easier! This blog post will be updated with all the notable updates concerning new tools, new features, and other product announcements.

In order not to miss out on anything, see below a list of all important updates in chronological order starting from the month of April 2017:

New tool: PDF Converter

21st of July, 2017.

A warm welcome to a new tool: PDF Converter. The online PDF converter allows you to either convert a PDF into a PPT, Excel, Word or image file, or you can drop one of these previously mentioned file formats into the tool, and it will automatically convert it to a PDF. All this with a single tool!

Happy converting!

Edit PDF: shapes and freehand drawing

23rd of June, 2017.

Edit PDF is updated with more features, as one is now able to use it to add shapes and use freehand drawing on PDFs. Don't forget to try it! Access our new PDF Editor via this link.

eSign PDF: upload and take a picture of your signature

16th of June, 2017.

Good news! eSign PDF now supports two new methods in creating your electronic signature: you can upload your signature from a file on your computer and take a picture of it using your camera. Happy signing!

JPG to PDF: flexible aspect ratio

6th of June, 2017.

The JPG to PDF tool now supports a flexible aspect ratio. After uploading your image and selecting the "auto" option, the tool will automatically fit the PDF page with the image's ratio. Note that you are also able to use this tool to convert other image file types into PDFs, such as PNG to PDF.

Split PDF: split burst

24th of May, 2017.

A second much requested update from our users: you can now use the Split PDF tool with split burst function to extract every page within a PDF into its file with a single click of a button. Save even more time and be efficient. Try it out!

New payment method: Union Pay

23rd of May, 2017.

A good news for many of our Asian customers. A much-requested feature: Union Pay is now added to the list of supported payment methods!

Connected Workflows available for free users

3rd of May, 2017.

One of our most popular Smallpdf Pro features: Connected Workflows is now also available for free users. This smart feature connects different tools to one another allowing you to keep working with your document further after the initial file processing. More detailed information on how it works can be found in this blog post.

Second new tool in the month of April: Edit PDF

27th of April, 2017.

A second new tool within the month of April: Edit PDF is an online PDF Editor which lets you edit PDF files within your internet browser. Currently, the Beta version is supporting adding text and images onto PDFs. More features to follow in near future.

New tool: eSign PDF

4th of April, 2017.

Proudly presenting our new tool: with eSign you do not need to print, sign, and scan PDFs anymore. You can sign them online - electronically. It is quick, easy, and hassle-free. Read everything about the release in this blog post.

Arvo Partanen
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