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What Should I Do Today? 20 Things to Do Right Away

by Hung Nguyen

You can also read this article in German, Spanish, French, Indonesian, Italian and Portuguese.

Are you bored? Here are 20 new things to do today for anyone—wherever you are. 🔎

So, here's the sitch:

  1. COVID-19 is preventing many of us from traveling.

  2. It's summer, and many of us are stuck.

  3. And, it's boiling hot—36 °C (97 °F) at the time of writing.

If you're looking to take a few days of vacation (or are already off from work or school), fret not. We've come up with a list of X different things you can do right now; all require little to no effort.

1. Learn a Few New Phrases in a New Language


Google Translate is your best friend. You can also try Quora—just ask for useful phrases to use in your chosen language.

Here's one in French for you—inspired by a French colleague, after dropping 5+ places in Mario Kart:

"Ce n'est pas possible!!," which translates to "It's not possible!!" in English.

If you play the game, you know the context. 🏎


What Should I Do Today? Play Mario Kart! Vroom vroom!

2. Watch Dusk or Dawn


Depending on where you are in the world—set the alarm, charge your phone, and set out when it's time.

3. Watch a Movie, By Yourself, In the Cinema


It's the best. Choose one that's not too packed, has AC, and remember to support your local cinema by buying popcorns at the venue!

4. Introduce Your Tastebuds to a New Cuisine


Don't play it safe today. Go to Tripadvisor and see what type of cuisines are available within a 5 KM range.

A few uncommon options that I see around me include Tibetan (yum, momos!), Tuscan (wow, specific), and Cambodian (hi, neighbors!).

5. Get a Pack of Ice Cream


From your local grocery store, the bodega below your flat, or your favorite gelateria stand—it doesn't matter. It's hot!


What you should do today is eat ice cream—it solves everything!

6. Learn the Art of Rejection


You waste a lot of time being friendly and helpful. So, today, learn how to say the magical word "no."

Say no when your barista asks if you want whipped cream on your frappuccino. Say no to a video call if you only want to text. And say no when a friend asks you to run an errand, but all you want to pursue is one of the items on this list.

7. Be a Tourist for a Day


I was a Londoner, and it took me ten years to hop on the London Eye. Think of all the places you'd never venture near due to the buzz from tourists—now is your turn to explore.

8. Redo Your Signature


Seriously, when did you start signing the way you currently do? Time for a rework. While you're at it, check out the art of digital signing with our free tool.


Your signature needs a rework.

9. Buy Some Seeds


And start to plant your own flower or herb. I heard tomato is a good one to manage, as well. The sun is providing photosynthesis—you keep the plants hydrated.

10. Go Through Your Facebook Messages


You're bound to find a few missed messages. Check your wall, too! Social distancing calls for catch-ups with old mates.

11. Order Printed Photos


We have gigabytes of images stored on external hard drives or the cloud—but when was the last time you printed out some photos? Now is an excellent time to fill up a photo album and prepare a fresh one for your next big trip.

12. Start Christmas Shopping


I'm telling you—blink and December will be around the corner. The sales season is still on, too.

13. Learn a New Skill


Always wanted to learn Photoshop? Start a free trial. If you don't know how to convert a PDF to Word, try this tool.

14.Go to the End of a Bus/Tram Line


Especially for the urban dwellers, do you ever what is at the last stop of the tram or bus that you hop on every day? Experience suburban life for an afternoon. Remember to bring a phone charger, maybe a book, and purchase the appropriate travel fare.


If you're hardcore—follow a whole bus. Remember your mask, though!

15. Play Pokémon Go


Since many items involve going outside, why down open or redownload the app? It made everyone social again back in 2016, and a trip down the nostalgia lane is never a bad idea. Catch 'em all!

16. Check Out Local Events


Literally, open up a new tab, and search for "events in X city." You'll be amazed at how things are moving, even during the pandemic—museums, concerts, exhibitions, etc. Remember to stay two meters away from others, though.


17. Revisit Your Old Schools


Suppose you are fortunate enough still to revisit your elementary, secondary, and high schools—go for it today. Think about it, when was the last time you've had so much free time since you were a kid?


Revisit your school today; can you find your old locker?

18. Tighten All the Buttons on Your Jackets


Trust that many of the buttons that come straight from the factory are loose. If you don't know the basics of sowing, now is the time to learn. It's very easy.

19. Categorize Your Spendings


Log in to your e-banking and try to group your spendings into categories. Most modern banks should offer this feature. Otherwise, you can always rely on pen and paper (or a spreadsheet).

20. Clean Your Laptop


If you turn it upside down and repeatedly tap the keyboard—stuff will come out.

Pro tip: ColorCoral cleaning gel is a thing, and it works wonders. You just squeeze it, turn it, and roll it until the dirt comes off.

Bonus: Be Nice


What you can do today can be to spread positivity: Say hi to your neighbor, compliment your loved ones, etc.

Hung Nguyen
Hung Nguyen
Senior Growth Marketing Manager @Smallpdf