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How to Schedule Tweets in Advance

by Hung Nguyen

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Use Twitter’s Ads Manager to freely schedule your Twitter posts, even when you’re not at work!

There are many success factors when it comes to social media marketing, and the posting time is one of them. This period varies from business to business and industry to industry.

If your customers engage the most at 3 am—you can always rely on Twitter’s Ads Manager to schedule your post in advance (no need to become a night owl). Even if this is not the case, for digital marketers who curate their social media calendars months for the incoming months, it’s always good to automate parts of your work, where you can.

As a result, you spend less time on manual postings, and more time creating content tailored to your audience.

How to Schedule Tweets on Twitter

  1. Open Twitter, click ‘More,’ and then ‘Twitter Ads.’

  2. Click Compose (the blue quill) at the top right corner.

  3. Craft your tweet as you would. You can also add images, videos, or embed custom-made Twitter cards.

  4. Next to the ‘Tweet’ button, click the carat and choose ‘Schedule.’

  5. Select the time you wish to tweet, and hit ‘Schedule.’


How to quickly schedule a tweet on Twitter.

And you’re all done. With this free tool (thanks, Twitter), you can narrow down to the minute that you want to blast out the tweet. Neat, huh?

If you feel unsure while drafting your tweet, or if your Twitter card is not at the perfect size, you can also save a draft to finish it up later. To access saved work, go to the Ads Manager homepage, click ‘Creatives,’ and then ‘Tweets’ to finish scheduling your posts.

And last but not least—assuming that you want to reach your followers organically—ignore the ‘Promoted-only tweet’ checkbox. This option is only for those who intend to run paid tweets, where they can select specific target groups of users that see your tweet. These promotional-only posts will not publicly show up on your profile page; they’re useful to minimize your ads spending.

Notes on Accessing Ads Manager


If you’re new to the page, you might have to enter your payment information to access this web app. I guess Twitter wants to push social media managers to set up a paid campaign, as soon as possible (it is a business, after all).

Don’t worry, though—scheduling tweets will not cost a dime. Twitter doesn’t mind if you purely wish to use their tweet composer to design and send out your tweet at the golden, optimal time for your business. It’s a widespread practice.

Can I Schedule Posts Outside of Twitter?


Of course. There are many tools to manage multiple social channels under one roof due to the rise in demand for social media marketing in the last decade. Hootsuite, Sprout Social, and Buffer are popular options—and many of these services offer a free plan if you only wish to manage a handful of profiles.

Like Twitter, they also allow you to pick the date and time to tweet, and you may post as many times a day as you’d like. Furthermore, as you can manage multiple social media platforms at once, you can even share the same asset for all scheduled posts, all at once. And of course, analytics is a big part of social media, and they all integrate such data into each respective platform. From impressions to clicks and engagement rate.

SEMrush is a tool that the Smallpdf team uses, as it also allows us to keep track of other marketing-related metrics. Pick a tool that can generate the most benefit to your business, that fits your budget.


A preview of SEMrush's Social Media Toolkit—previewing a tweet.

Can You Help Me with Twitter?


This article is as far as we can go. However, we plan to write more content on this topic—for aspiring business owners and marketing professionals.

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Hung Nguyen
Hung Nguyen
Senior Growth Marketing Manager