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Rotate PDF

Rotate single PDF pages or entire documents and save them easily with our free tool.

  • Rotate pages or whole documents
  • No installation—rotate your PDF online
  • TLS encryption for safe file processing
Rotate PDFs Online Quickly
Whether it's just one page that's sideways, or a whole document scanned upside-down—Rotate PDF can fix the problem in seconds. You'll be done in a jiffy!
A Secure PDF Rotator
The safety of your files always comes first. We automatically delete all PDF files you upload an hour after processing. TLS encryption ensures secure file processing.
Work on Any Device
With Smallpdf, compatibility is never an issue. Our online PDF Rotator works on any platform, be it Mac, Windows, or Linux. You can also access our tool with your mobile.
Permanent Rotation
Once you've flipped the page(s) in your PDF with this tool and download your file, they will stay that way permanently—unless you use the PDF Rotator again, of course. The functionality is not limited to the preview.
Easy PDF Rotating
We think rotating a PDF page is a simple problem which in turn requires a simple solution. Smallpdf lets you rotate single pages, multiple pages, or all pages in a PDF with an intuitive interface.
Rotate PDF in the Cloud
Smallpdf is a cloud platform. To rotate a PDF and save it, you just upload your file, make the changes, and download. No expensive, complicated software installation needed—just an internet connection.

How To Rotate a PDF File Online:

  1. Drag & drop your PDF into the toolbox above.
  2. Rotate individual pages or all pages at once.
  3. Add more files, delete, or rearrange pages.
  4. Click “Apply Changes” and download your rotated PDF.
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