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How to Flip a PDF Image Online for Free

by Hung Nguyen

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Various tools to flip PDF images; you can also extract images from PDF to rotate or embed back to PDF. No registration is required to use.

Two are two cases when it comes to flipping PDF images. Case one entails rotating a PDF image - where each page is an image itself. For this, you can use our rotate tool. On the other hand, if there is an image you need to rotate, you can always extract the image from the PDF, rotate it with the free image editor that comes with your device, and insert it back into the PDF document.

How to flip a PDF image online

  1. Upload the PDF file by dragging it into the purple toolbox.

  2. Click ‘LEFT’ or ‘RIGHT’ to flip vertically or flip horizontally.

  3. You can do this for each PDF image page, or all at once.

  4. Click ‘Apply Changes’ and download your file.


How to flip a PDF image with Smallpdf.

As you can see above, this works like a charm if each page of the PDF file is an image itself. It doesn’t matter if you have exported a file to PDF format, or if it is a scanned PDF, the output will still be the same. Since you are on a free PDF processing platform, do try out the other 18 tools to split, merge, and modify portable document formats - whatever it is that you need.

How to flip a separate image?


This case proposes a bit more inconvenience, as it is rather difficult to edit a unique part of a PDF page. First, we’d recommend to use the PDF to JPG tool and extract the image from the PDF file. When you upload a PDF to the image converter, choose to ‘Extract single images’ rather than ‘Convert entire pages’.

Once you have done this, you can rotate the image on your PC from any image handling tool, such as Preview on Mac. Any computer should have a default image editor to crop or flip digital photos. And finally, you can insert the image back into the PDF file, using our edit PDF tool. There are two articles that we’d suggest you read up, to aid you with this task.

  1. How to insert an image into a PDF - what you aim to achieve.

  2. How to white-out content in a PDF - for cleaning up after the image insertion.

Flip PDF images for free online with Smallpdf


Smallpdf generates our revenue from ads placed cleverly on our site - which cause the least of annoyance. We also offer Pro subscriptions to frequent users. However, if you only need to flip a PDF image here and there, our website will remain free of charge for you to turn your pictures freely. Even when you have used up your free usage, there is always a free trial that lasts up to half a full month, for when you are in dire needs, but do not have the means to afford an account, or an expensive piece of enterprise software, such as Adobe Document Cloud/Adobe Acrobat.

And lastly, our rotate tool is available anywhere on the internet, as we are a full-functional cloud platform. For those lacking an internet connection 100% of the time, luckily, you can also flip PDF images via the desktop app. And hopefully, that should fulfill all the requirements you may have had when you first entered this article.


Flip PDF images of any size - we've got you covered.

Hung Nguyen
Hung Nguyen
Content Marketing Manager @Smallpdf