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Embed PDF Icons Into Your Website

Integrate the PDF Editor into your website, so your visitors can view and edit PDFs in Smallpdf without the fuss of switching between apps.

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How To Embed a PDF Icon

  1. Select the link of the PDF you want to embed.
  2. Paste the link into the PDF icon converter.
  3. Preview and test the PDF icon.
  4. Copy and embed the code into your website.

Your Questions Answered

All the answers to our most frequently asked questions. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, contact us with your question and we’ll help you out.

  • Can I Change My Acrobat PDF Icon To Smallpdf’s?

    Of course! For a better PDF icon experience for you and your users, simply go back to where you first embedded the Acrobat PDF icon code into your website and replace it with new code from Smallpdf’s PDF icon converter.

  • Why Is Smallpdf’s Icon Better Than Acrobat’s?

    When you embed an Acrobat PDF icon into your website, you’ll first need to download the Acrobat Reader to open documents. With the Smallpdf icon converter, you’re simply redirected to our PDF Editor tool online—no fuss!

Need Help Adding the PDF Icon To Your Website?

If you’re not sure how to embed a PDF icon into your website or simply need a hand, contact us and we’ll help you get started.