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AI PDF Summarizer

With AI PDF, you can utilize the powers of artificial intelligence to summarize PDFs for free! The interactive chat function lets you request specific information to be summarized and presented to you in a matter of seconds. AI PDF Summarizer lets you understand document contents without having to read through every page.

  • Chat with a PDF for free, without sign-up
  • TLS encryption for secure file processing
  • An AI assistant for instant PDFs summaries
A Free AI for All Things PDF
The future is now! Chat with your PDF files just as easily as you would with ChatGPT. Smallpdf's AI PDF is free to use without needing an account.
Works on Your Device
AI PDF is a browser-based tool. That means that you can use it to summarize PDFs on Mac, Windows, Linux, and mobile. You just need an internet connection.
Text Recognition for Your PDF Files
When you upload a file into AI PDF, our tool uses precise text recognition to give you a summary of its content. You can also ask specific questions in the chat.
Literally Unlimited Options
Our mission is to make PDF easy. That's why we keep AI PDF open for everyone. Summarize as many PDF documents as you want with file sizes of up to 50 MB and 50,000 words.
As Easy as Chatting With a Friend
You can be polite to our artificial intelligence, or just make demands, it won't mind. Just upload your PDF, ask a question, and AI PDF will give you an answer.
Copy-Paste Summaries & Answers
Any information our PDF AI provides you with, you can mark and copy straight from within the chat. If you don't like the wording of an answer, just request an alternative.

How To Use AI PDF Summarizer

  1. Import or drag & drop your file to our AI PDF Summarizer.
  2. Review the summary that’s instantly generated.
  3. Ask AI additional questions about the PDF in the prompt box.