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Convert PPT to JPG Online

by Hung Nguyen

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The best online app to convert PowerPoint to JPG images online. No signup or email is required. Free to use.

Have you got a PowerPoint presentation (or a few) on hand that you want to save as JPG image format?

Whether it’s to restrict the content of your slides from being edited or to save the PPT as a slightly more compressed version of itself—this article will cover how you can use our online PPT to JPG converter below. It’s free to use, of course!

How To Convert PPT to JPG Online for Free

  1. Head over to the Smallpdf Converter.

  2. Upload your PPT via drag-and-drop to save it as PDF.

  3. Click “PDF to JPG.”

  4. Choose to “convert entire pages” or “extract single images.”

  5. Wait for the conversion to process and download your JPG!


Free to use PPT to JPG converter.

Why Save as JPG?


JPG images are much smaller in size compared to other image formats, such as PNG. Still, the image quality will remain very high, even when some elements have been stripped, post-compression.

This file format can also be opened and viewed on almost any operating system, which makes it the ideal file format used for sharing. For online sharing, the small size of these image files also helps to minimize time spent uploading and downloading images.

And lastly, another reason why one would convert PPT to JPG is that it restricts other users from editing the content of the original presentations. So why not check our converter out and protect your files today, as JPG files.

Is There an Alternative?


Of course! One alternative is to save your Microsoft Powerpoint slideshows as PDF. It’s also small in size and just as (if not even more) versatile and portable. To do this, you can simply skip the last step of the conversion process and download the PPT as PDF, before converting it to the JPG format.

What’s There to Know?


That your documents are entirely secured while we work our magic on the Smallpdf servers. TLS encryption is used to ensure that no one has access to your files as they transform from PPT to JPG.

As a matter of fact, it’s so safe that over 40 million people now use Smallpdf every month. If you haven’t yet, welcome to the club—because you won’t need to go elsewhere after the first file conversion!

Our PPT to JPG tool is free to use up to twice a day and can process file sizes up to 5GB. All you have to do is upload, convert, and download your document. Furthermore, our tools also take on other file formats from Microsoft Office. For instance, check out our guide on PPT to Word. Easy as pie!

And lastly, if you have a lot of PPTs to convert to JPG, we have batch processing for Pro users. As the name suggests, having a subscription (at the cost of $9/month) will allow you to convert multiple files all at once. You can be a Pro user completely free-of-charge for up to 7 days with a free trial, which is perfect for if you’ve got a project that requires more PPT to JPG conversions than usual.

Make sure to keep an eye out for more Smallpdf articles to help you with your documents—PDF or otherwise.

Happy converting!

Hung Nguyen
Hung Nguyen
Senior Growth Marketing Manager @Smallpdf