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How To Insert Image Into PDF

by Hung Nguyen

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With Smallpdf, inserting any image file into a PDF is easy. It takes a few clicks to insert JPG, PNG, GIF, BMP, and TIFF into your PDF.

PDF is undoubtedly the go-to format for document sharing and storage. However, there may be times when you need to annotate, convert, or insert images into PDF files. While most basic PDF readers offer basic editing capabilities, adding data in other formats, such as JPG or PNG files, is usually not possible.

Fortunately, the Smallpdf editor can help you do just this. Keep reading to find out how to insert an image in a PDF file online for free, regardless of the image format.

How to Insert an Image in PDF

  1. Upload your file to our PDF Editor tool.

  2. Click on the image symbol at the top.

  3. Select the picture you want to add.

  4. Place and resize the image.

  5. Download or share your completed file.

2023-03-08 - How To Insert an Image into PDF

Inserting a picture into a PDF is actually really easy—and free

Pro Tip: Within the PDF editor, you can also draw, highlight, and add text or shapes—whatever you need to edit your document. If you’re a Smallpdf Pro user, you can now also edit the content of your PDF right within the editor, as if it were an editable Word document.

This process should be straightforward. If you need help, send an email our way, and we’ll be happy to assist you!

Are My PDFs and Images Secure?


Your files are always safe when you insert images into PDFs with us. All file transfers use TLS encryption. Smallpdf also removes all files from our servers after an hour of processing—we only keep them online long enough for you to have time to edit and download them. The only exceptions are PDFs sent for signing or shared with others using a link.

Any Other Tools?


With Smallpdf, you can do more than just insert images into PDF files. As mentioned above, even within the PDF editor, you can add shapes and text or draw freehand with our pen and highlighter tools.

We also have an array of other online tools, all available for free. You can edit, convert, and manipulate your PDF files in any way you’d like. Some of our most notable tools include:

  • Compress - Shrink your file size down without affecting the image quality.
  • Convert - Change your PDF into an editable format, such as Word or PPT.
  • eSign - Electronically sign your document online and requests e-signatures.
  • Protect - Encrypt your PDF documents with a secure password.

Can I Add an Image to a PDF on a Mac?


Smallpdf is an online service; this means our tools are available regardless of your operating system. Whether your computer runs on Windows, Linux, or Mac, our Smallpdf editor is ready! It also doesn’t matter whether you’re accessing our website through Firefox, Edge, Safari, or Chrome—we’re very flexible that way.

What's a Pro User?


We’ve mentioned before that some functionalities of the PDF editor, like editing text within the PDF, are only available to Pro users. These are users who have subscribed to our premium service, Smallpdf Pro. A subscription gives you access to a lot of perks and removes any restrictions regarding file sizes or daily usage of our platform. You also benefit from unlimited access to our desktop and mobile apps as well as batch-processing files—extremely practical when you have many files to compress or convert.

We offer a 7-day free trial for you to get the full experience before committing, which you can cancel at any time. And the price to join? As low as $9/month or less if you go for our team or business plans with your colleagues.

All our tools and information about what we offer are available via our homepage, so go check it out!

Hung Nguyen
Hung Nguyen
Senior Growth Marketing Manager @Smallpdf