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How Do You Rotate a Scanned PDF for Free?

by Hung Nguyen

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Smallpdf has the most popular Rotate PDF tool to turn pages within any PDF file, including scans. No registration or software installation is needed.

PDF pages can be turned swiftly, for free, using our rotate tool. As a matter of fact, Smallpdf has the most prominent tool for this; you may import scanned PDFs, PDFs converted from other file formats, or one received from another party, we rotate it all.

How to rotate a scanned PDF file online

  1. Drag and drop your PDF into the Rotate PDF tool.

  2. Rotate individual pages or all pages at once.

  3. Apply the changes and modify further, if needed.

  4. Download your rotated scanned PDF.


How do you rotate a scanned PDF file? Quite easily actually.

Rotate scans offline


A desktop application has been developed to take this task offline for Pro users. To do this, open your PDF with our desktop app, click ‘Rotate’ on the right-hand side, and the process is pretty similar to the online counterpart. If you are a free user, you can stick to the online version of Smallpdf.

The offline app was created to appease those that either do not have internet access at all times or have restricted access, i.e., due to being on a work network, for example. Either way, a free two-week trial can be created for those with short term projects - as you do not need to have a heftily priced PDF software such as Adobe Acrobat to rotate PDF pages.

How to rotate multiple scanned PDFs


This function is included as part of our premium package for our online website and is available on the desktop app as well, which requires a subscription to use anyway. Once you have a subscription ready, select Rotate PDF from our homepage, drag as many of your scanned PDFs into the toolbox, and rotate the pages 90 degrees, 180, or 270.

As you’ve figured, doing so would merge all the select pages into one single document. The thumbnail view allows the re-arrangement as well as the deletion of individual pages. Even when you have permanently rotated your PDF - our online tool is always online, readily accessible, for you to re-rotate them. And lastly, for further modification, the Edit PDF tool has plenty of mini tools to highlight, comment, and redact content - for your PDF needs.


How to batch rotate multiple scanned PDFs online.

Hung Nguyen
Hung Nguyen
Content Marketing Manager @Smallpdf