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Download the Smallpdf Mobile App to your iOS device today and get tools to convert PDF, compress PDF, edit PDF, and share PDFs on your iPhone or iPad.

Manage Your Documents in 3 Simple Steps

Download Smallpdf for iOS
Get the Smallpdf App on the App Store and download it to your device.
Start Using Smallpdf Mobile App
Simply open the Smallpdf App on your device to start using it.
Simplify your Life
Access, review, modify, or share your documents from all your connected devices.

Top Features of the iOS App

Download the Smallpdf Mobile App to your iOS device today and get the first and only PDF software you’ll love on your iPhone or iPad.

Quick, Efficient, & Free PDF Scanning
The Smallpdf Mobile App is totally free. It’s also the smartest way to digitize all your physical paperwork using only your mobile device.
PDF Management On-The-Go
Do you work remotely or travel frequently for work? With the Smallpdf App, you can immediately create and organize documents using your iOS device—wherever, whenever.
PDF Software Integration With Other Tools
Your documents will be imported to our website, where you’ll have access to over 31 PDF tools to manage your files.

What Users Think of the Smallpdf App

After struggling for a while with several Chrome and Drive extensions that didn't work, had a spaceship interface or were asking me for a "Professional version" to do a menial thing, I found online Smallpdf.
Marco De Veglia

Updates & Fixes

Version 1.13.0 - July 16, 2020
  • We're bringing Smallpdf PRO monthly subscription to the app
  • Besides PDFs and JPGs now you will be able to open Office doc files
  • Also, we're introducing layout support for the Arabic language
  • We've squashed some bugs and improved app stability.
Version 1.12.1 - May 25, 2020
  • Now we can convert your PDFs to Word and JPGs... and vice versa ;)
  • Also, besides PDF files you will be able to open JPG files.
  • We've squashed some bugs and improved app stability.

Frequently asked questions

Is it possible to scan PDFs using the Smallpdf Mobile App?
Absolutely! All you need to do is download the Smallpdf Mobile App to your iOS device and start scanning.
If I scan a document using the Smallpdf Mobile App, will it also be available when I use the Smallpdf Web App?
Yes, both the Smallpdf Mobile and Web Apps are integrated, which means your documents are kept in one place, where you can access them whenever you like.
Are my documents safe with the Smallpdf Mobile App?
Yep! Smallpdf is ISO/IEC 27001 certified, so all your documents are safe with us.
Can I use the Smallpdf Mobile App instead of the Adobe Mobile App?
Absolutely! The Smallpdf Mobile App software is lightweight, easier to use, and free to download.

What Do I Get With the Smallpdf Mobile App for iOS?

Create single or multi-page PDF documents using your iPhone or iPad.
Crop, rotate, reorder, and delete pages in your PDF documents.
Optimize size, color, or orientation of converted PDFs.
Reduce file size with compression tools.
Email or share your PDFs via your other apps, such as WhatsApp, Viber, or Gmail.
Your PDF scans sync to Smallpdf’s online storage service.

Document Management From Meh to Yeah!

With the Smallpdf Mobile App, you get tools to convert, compress, edit, and share PDFs with your iPhone or iPad.