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Top 10 Websites to Download Free Graph Paper in PDF

by Hung Nguyen

Smallpdf's list of the top 10 websites to download graph paper in PDF format, in any grid size, margin, and color you'd like, for free!

Graph paper, also known as coordinate paper, squared paper or grid paper is a very common type of writing paper. It is made up of finely printed small squares, in equal sizes, and are commonly used to draw graphs, charts as well as performing functions and quadratic equations. As such, they're especially popular in geometry and algebra classes. On top of that, this type of paper is a favorite in the daily life of many professions, for a variety of tasks including length measurement, two-dimensional functions, engineering disciplines as well as to practice drawings/sketching.

Graph Paper PDF

The many things you can do with graph paper pdf.

As they are so widely used by so many people, we have compiled up a list of the best 10 websites where you can download printable graph paper in PDF for free! Forget about ever having to purchase expensive graph paper again. All you have to do is access one of these useful sites to view, download and print out graph paper pdf at no cost! Check the list out below, and choose the one that's best fitting to your graph paper needs.

The top 10 sites for graph paper in PDF format:


TemplateLAB offers over 30 free printable graph paper templates in both Word and PDF. This include graph paper PDF in various colors, grid sizes, grid shapes as well as measuring units. They also have a pretty neat section explaining all the different types of graph papers and their uses.

Print Free Graph Paper - this useful website's name is pretty much self-explanatory. All you have to do is choose the type, size, measuring units and format of your desired graph paper PDF and click 'Print'!

Incompetech yields similar services, with various graph paper pdf including those with freestanding squares, dots as well as a cool econometric diamond PDF template!

WaterproofPaper has printable graph paper PDF online for free as well. Their 6 different graph papers come in different grid sizes (1/2, 1/4 and 1/8 inches) and colors (blue or black). Furthermore, you can also print out pocket notebooks, for free as well!

Printable Paper allows you to access an endless amount of graph paper templates. You can download printable graph paper pdf in virtually any format you'd like, from the standard grid paper you grew up with to those with spaced circles, triangles, tessellation and crosshatch patterns. They also offer graph paper pdf in quite a few different colors, in case you're bored with all the regular blue or black grid papers.

MathSphere makes maths classes fun and easy. Not only do they offer graph papers in PDF format for you to print and use freely, but you can also download multiplication squares!

Vertex42 provides a set of printable graph paper pdf in various grid sizes, including 1/10 inch grids. Furthermore, they also provide printable lined paper! Hey, the more, the merrier.

Print-Graph-Paper supplies online printable graph paper pdf like the other listed sites. However, they have an option for you to quickly pick the various paper sizes that you want to use, which can come in handy. The different types of paper sizes include Letter, A4, 11x17, Legal, A3, A2, Poster and even Move Poster size!

Blocklayer is unique as it allows you to customize your graph paper! There's a set of options for you to decide the paper size, orientation, margin, grid size, scale, and color. On top of that, they even preview how the graph paper will look in pdf format! Remember to click 'Create PDF' to print your graph paper in PDF format!

And last but not least, Gridzzly. The grizzly bear makes printing grid paper pdf easy! When you access the site, there are various options for you to customize your graph paper, which will automatically preview in the background as you alter the customization options!

Graph Paper PDF 2

Draw graphs...on your printable graph paper pdf today!

Make use of Smallpdf


Downloading and printing graph paper in PDF is one step closer to adopting a paperless lifestyle! Smallpdf also offers various tools that will help you to become entirely paperless, including:

PDF Converter - Convert Grid Papers to other formats such as Word or JPG.

Edit - To edit text or insert images directly into your graph papers that are in PDF format.

Rotate, Merge and Delete Pages - to manipulate your graph paper PDF in any way that you'd like.

Sign - Graph papers are very popular in the classroom, so this one's a treat for all teachers, on us.

Whether you are a student, teacher or working professional, all of our tools are free to use. Our team work tirelessly to make document management easy for everybody with our software, and hope that this list of free resources will also come in handy for you!

Boy, we should have our own tool to manage graph papers, huh? Any comments, feedback to feature requests, pop an email our way via

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See, graph on graph paper. Good stuff! ;)

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