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PDF Compressor

An easy-to-use PDF file compressor that works on any browser online. No credit card or account creation needed.

  • Free, fast, and secure PDF compression
  • Safe TLS encryption for all file transfers
  • Online PDF Compressor without sign-up
Easy-To-Use PDF File Compressor
Compressing a PDF with us isn't rocket science. All you have to do is upload your file; the PDF compressor will get to work right away. Your file will be ready in seconds.
High-Level Encryption for Secure Processing
We use TLS encryption for securely processing your files. Only you can access your data and files. One hour after compression, we delete your file.
Basic & Strong Compression
If our PDF Compressor hasn't reduced your file's size enough, there's the option “Strong compression,” available to Smallpdf Pro users. You can try it with our 7-day free trial.
PDF Compressor for Mac, Windows, and Linux
We're not partial when it comes to operating systems. Smallpdf works on all devices that are connected to the internet. We’ve even got mobile and desktop apps.
Get To Work Right Away
As a cloud service, the PDF Compressor doesn't require you to install anything or figure out how to use it. Just a drag & drop, and you’re set—we'll do the grunt work!
A PDF Compressor That Maintains Quality
We reduce the file size of your PDF, but we don't touch your content. Your images, text, and anything else in the document will stay as crisp as they were—no quality loss!

How To Use Our Online PDF Compressor:

  1. Upload your PDF, Word, or image file to the tool.
  2. Wait while our file compressor does its work.
  3. Download your file if you’re happy with the size!
  4. Go with “Strong compression” if you need a smaller file.