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Reduce PDF Size

Reduce the size of your PDF files online in a few simple clicks—100% free. Get your files email-size ready in seconds with no signup or account creation needed.

  • Works on any device online
  • Simple and fast PDF size reduction
  • Reduce PDF size up to a minimum
Reduce PDF Size for Free
We think making work with PDF easier shouldn't cost a thing. You can use any of our tools at no cost, whether that’s to reduce the file size of your PDF, convert, edit, or more. No need to sign up or create an account.
PDF Sizes Perfect for Emailing
All email providers have some form of size restriction for attachments. This tool is your answer. Just drag & drop your file and your PDF will be reduced to a fraction of its original size without an impact on quality.
Reduce the Size of a PDF the Easy Way
You don't need complicated settings or software; reducing the size of your PDFs happens in the cloud, with just one drag & drop on your part. Just access Smallpdf using your favorite browser.
Your Privacy First—Always
One hour after processing, we delete your files for your privacy. This gives you ample time to download or continue working on your file with our other tools. TLS encryption ensures the safety of your data at all times.
Share, Edit, Sign, & More
After you've reduced the size of your PDF, you're free to check out our other tools. They allow you to merge, split, edit, convert, sign, or delete pages in PDFs. You can also share your file directly from the tool's results page.
The Perfect File Size Every Time
If at first you don't succeed… Try our strong compression option to reduce the size of your PDF even more. It can reduce the PDF size by up to 99%! This is a Pro feature, but you can try it out with a 7-day free trial.

How To Reduce PDF Size Online:

  1. Import your file—be it a PDF, Office file, or image.
  2. Wait a little while we reduce the size of your PDF.
  3. Continue with “Strong compression”—if needed.
  4. Done! You can download your file or keep working.