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Your Guide to Smallpdf

Welcome! Here are a few handy tips to help you work smarter with documents and get the most out of your account. 👇

File Storage Unlocked

With your Smallpdf account, any file you process via Smallpdf Web or Mobile will be conveniently saved to our storage service—for your convenience.

Connected Workflow

Don't waste time using tools one by one. On each result page, simply choose another tool to continue editing your document before download.

Smallpdf Chrome Extension

Think of it as a shortcut to our tool suite. Once you have a pending task or PDF opened, hit our Chrome extension to access our tools—and process your file.

Smallpdf Mobile

And this one is for those who are always on the move. With Smallpdf Mobile—you can create, organize, and convert PDFs straight from your smartphone.

Small but Useful Tips

From our 1,000,000,000 users on how to elevate your productivity.

  • Compress PDF

    To tiny sizes for emailing.

  • Edit PDF

    Like editing in Word, but make it PDF.

  • Save PDF to Word

    Is Caroline from Finance asking for a .docx?

  • Protect PDF

    Because security is key.

  • eSign PDF

    Scribbling is not needed in the digital game.

  • Merge PDF

    Don't pester people; only send one file.

Some Common Questions

  • Is my account free?

    Absolutely. You can use our mobile app and website twice a day to tackle any PDF-related task—faster than ever.

  • What's Smallpdf Pro for, then?

    A Pro account grants unlimited access to Smallpdf tools. It also unlocks Pro-only features, such as OCR, batch processing, and our desktop app.

  • I don't find the feature I need ...

    Please email us via support@smallpdf.com with your questions, and we'll gladly help you out. If not available, we'll make sure to document your request for future development.

  • Smallpdf is awesome! Can I make a donation?

    We no longer accept donations—but a share on social media should do!

Before You Leave ...

They say that knowledge is key; thus, here are 4 different eBooks to help you explore and amplify your digital productivity.