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Compress JPEG to 50KB Online

by Hung Nguyen

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The Smallpdf’s Image Compressor can reduce the size of your images significantly, to lower than 50KB. It’s also free to use online.

Whoa, 50KB is a very petite size, even for JPEG images. Still, it’s feasible to reduce the size of your image to 50KB if the original file size isn’t too large.

If you’d like to try and compress an image to 50KB (or less)—check out our image compressor!

How to Compress JPEG to 50KB Online

  1. Drag and drop your JPEG into the Smallpdf Image Compressor.

  2. Choose the “Basic compression” option.

  3. On the following page, click “PDF to JPG.”

  4. Choose “Convert entire pages.”

  5. Done—download your compressed JPEG.


Easily compress images to 50KB online using Smallpdf

Once you upload an image to our online tool, we’ll extract it to PDF format, compress the file, and then convert it back to JPEG format.

Even after we convert it to a PDF, on the result page, you can already see the compression rate and a much smaller image size. If the file size is still too large, you can always try the “Strong compression” option. This is a pro feature though, but you can give it a try with our 7-day free trial.

If you have other image file types, such as PNG or BMP, you can also upload them to the tool, reduce the image’s size, and download back as a JPEG image.

Compress JPEG to 50KB On-the-Go


You can also convert your JPEG on your phone with the Smallpdf Mobile App. You can use any image in your gallery or even scan an image directly in the app! The process is a little different as you have to convert the image to a PDF first, compress it, and then use the “Convert from PDF” tool to save it back as a JPG. It may take a couple of mins longer but you can get it done from anywhere!

Hung Nguyen
Hung Nguyen
Senior Growth Marketing Manager @Smallpdf