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How to Combine PDF Files?

by Janina Kivinen

You can also read this article in Portuguese and Spanish.

Smallpdf combines your PDFs online free of charge with high quality. Just drag and drop your files to start - no registration necessary!

Use the Smallpdf Merge PDF tool to combine PDFs free of charge, without the need to register or having watermarks on the combined document.

Tip: You can also use the same tool to rearrange the order of the pages in singular PDFs. More detailed instructions found at the end of this post.

Enough talk, let's get to it!

How to combine PDF Files?

  1. First, drag and drop your PDFs into the Combine PDF tool, from your PDF, Dropbox, or Google Drive.

  2. Add all the PDF files that you need to combine—remember the file size limit of 5GB!

  3. Arrange the pages if required. This function is handy in case the page order got mixed up from the upload.

  4. When your document looks like it should, click 'Merge PDF' and let the magic happen!

  5. Remember to download your file before leaving the page.

You can access the tool here.

If your document turns out to be, for example, too big to send as an attachment via email, you can use Smallpdf Compress PDF to reduce the size of it. Smallpdf also has a Split PDF tool in case you need to still separate some files from the final document.

How to rearrange pages in PDF?

And as promised, here are the introductions to rearrange pages of single PDFs using the same tool:

  1. Upload PDF(s) by dragging and dropping it to our Merge PDF tool

  2. Rearrange: Click on page mode on the top right corner of the converting box to enable moving the documents around with your cursor. With file mode you can rearrange complete files if you have uploaded several bigger converted Excel or Word files to be combined for example.

  3. Finally, click Merge PDF, and you are ready to go!

Happy combining!

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Janina Kivinen
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