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How to Combine PDF Files Online

by Hung Nguyen

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You can use our online tool to merge your PDF files instantly—just drag and drop your files to start. 📑

Do you need help to combine multiple PDF documents into one? With our online Merge PDF tool—you can do so in a heartbeat. There’s no file size limitation, and you may merge as many PDFs as you’d like.

How to Combine PDF Files Online for Free:

  1. Open the Merge PDF tool.

  2. Drag and drop as many PDFs as you’d like to merge.

  3. On the next page, reorder the files as you need them.

  4. Finally, click the ‘Merge PDF’ button.

  5. And there you go! Download your merged PDF on the next page.


How to merge PDF files with Smallpdf, within seconds.

Shrink Large Merged Files


A common predicament is receiving a chunky PDF file after a merge—especially when they contain large images or datasets.

To combat this, you can quickly reduce the size of your PDF document online, using another tool of ours: the Compress PDF tool!

The process is nearly identical to the merge function: you upload the combined PDF, hit ‘Compress,’ and download it. If you need to push the file size even further, you can re-upload the document to the Compress PDF tool—but this time, go for the ‘Strong Compression’ option.

The latter may significantly affect your file quality, so we always recommend going for the optimal compression mode whenever possible.

How to Combine Other File Types With a PDF?


Very easy—we’d like to introduce you to a third tool: the PDF Converter.

If you have a Word, PPT, Excel, or image file on hand, you can first convert the digital doc to a PDF. And after that, you’ve guessed it: you can combine it with other PDF documents.

Please refer back to the top of this article to combine PDF files into one (with the purple color tool).

And it doesn’t stop there. Once you have your single PDF document, there are still many things to achieve. You can remove unnecessary pages with our Delete PDF tool, sign it with an electronic signature, or upgrade it to a legally binding digital signature, with a free trial of our Pro subscription.

Better yet, with a Pro account, you can also download the Smallpdf Desktop app and merge PDFs offline. It’s faster, more efficient, and conveniently saves your file next to the original documents.

We have introduced over 20 PDF-related tools on our web page, with our mission to ‘Make PDF easy.’ Please feel free to explore our toolset and see how they can help with your daily digital work.


Quick merge function!

Hung Nguyen
Hung Nguyen
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