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How to Merge Two PDF Files Online

by Hung Nguyen

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Combine two or as many PDF files as you’d like into one. No registration is required to use our online tool.

Do you have two (or multiple) PDF files that need to be shared? Of course, one could always compress them into a zip file - but nobody likes having to go through multiple documents at once.

Smallpdf offers various free-to-use PDF tools, including one to merge two PDF files into one single PDF. To get started, follow the instructions below!

How to Merge Two PDF Files Online for Free:

  1. Go to the PDF Merger

  2. Drag both PDFs into the drop area

  3. Rearrange the orientation of the pages if needed

  4. Click ‘Merge Files’ and wait for the process to complete

  5. Download your file


How to merge two PDF files quickly and efficiently

Can you merge very large PDFs?


The only limitations our software has are the file size limitation of 5GB per file, and maximum processing time of 10 minutes. Other than that, you may upload and merge as many files as you would like, all in one go.

As we aim to streamline PDF processing as much as possible, the online tool can be accessed for free - without the need of an account. However, if you do opt to sign up, you can merge as many files as you’d like, separately. For larger files, a ‘Pro’ account also grants a 40% increase in upload speed. Less time spent on tedious document tasks, more time to play.

What if I get back a large PDF?


If you somehow end up with a file with an undesirably large PDF file, you could also ‘compress’ and reduce the file size with our PDF compression tool. It will scan the newly merged PDF file and remove repetitive data patterns, for a much lighter PDF! Check out our guide on compressing PDF files for more info! This is especially useful when you need to keep the file below 20 MB, for emailing. :)

The process to reduce PDF sizes is essentially the same as when you combine two or more PDF files. Drag and drop, wait for the processing to finish and download your file! Better yet, on the result page, you can click ‘Continue to Compress PDF’ before you download the merged file to compress it right away.

compress after merge

Reduce the PDF's file size before downloading

Is Smallpdf safe to use?


Our online services are adopted by millions of users (north of 25 million at the time of writing, to be exact) every month. We use SSL encryption and ensure that your files are always removed post merging. Furthermore, Smallpdf works with the ever so reliable Amazon Web Services to host our servers (in Irelan), in case you ever wonder where files are uploaded to.

Plus, there is also an offline app in case you do not wish to upload your files onto our servers. The app, which comes with a PDF reader, allows you to combine PDF files offline, in your desired order. Mac and Windows are the supported operating systems. For more info, check out our Desktop download page!

Final words


We trust that you enjoy using our tool to merge multiple PDFs - and that it helps to make your life just a bit easier. Remember to check out other PDF tools that are accessible via our homepage, and keep checking back for future product updates!

Hung Nguyen
Hung Nguyen
Content Marketing Manager