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PDF Filler - Fill Forms With Text, Images, and eSign

by Hung Nguyen

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Type, edit and fill out PDF forms with Smallpdf online for free. You can also send signature requests or convert PDF to Word, PPT, Excel or JPG files.

A lot of PDF forms can be filled and saved using any basic PDF reader. However, if this is not the case, especially when you have scanned a form and the fields are not fillable, you'd need another tool to help you with this.

Smallpdf PDF Filler allows you to type, edit, draw and insert images into your PDF forms. If you do not have a solution to make PDF fillable, this is where we come to the rescue, for free.

Start by accessing our online PDF Filler for free, to get started.

Basic Form Filling

  1. After you upload your PDF form onto our filler app, click 'Add Text'.

  2. A popup will appear for you to fill your form in.

  3. Adjust the text size, font, and color to match your form fields.

  4. Drag the text box into the field.

  5. Click 'Apply' to fill out the PDF form.

Form Filler 1

PDF Filler - How to fill out a PDF form with text

Add Images and Shapes


The PDF filler can also add images into your PDF forms. While you have the document opened, click 'Add Image' to browse and insert an image straight from your computer, into the fillable pdf.

When it comes to shapes, we can fill PDF with arrows, squares, and circles. You can also adjust the color and thickness of the body and border of these shapes, in any way that you like.

PDF Filler 2

Add shapes with Smallpdf PDF Filler

Freehand Drawing


Lastly, click 'Draw' to do just this - fill your PDF file with freehand drawings. This function is particularly useful if you are using a stylus on your mobile or tablet.

Similarly, you can adjust the thickness and color of each stroke of your drawings. Remember to click 'Apply' and download your file.

PDF Filler 3

PDF Filler freehand drawings

eSign PDF forms


Although we have the 'Draw' function, if you wish to sign the form electronically, we'd suggest switching to our eSign PDF feature instead. Yes, it's also free to use online.

  1. Access the eSign tool, or click 'to eSign' on the result page of the PDF filler.

  2. Click 'Place Signature' to create a brand new e-signature, or apply an existing signature into your form.

  3. 'Apply' and download your file.


Filling signatures into PDF forms with Smallpdf

What else?


PDF filling is only part of our expertise. We can also convert and manipulate your files for you, for free. A few tools include:

  • Convert - your file to PDF to Word, PPT, JPG or Excel. You can then fill forms manually via these formats.
  • Compress - cut down the size of your PDF forms.
  • Merge - combine many forms into one, before or after filling
  • Reader - to analyze and review your forms
  • Delete Pages - get rid of pages from your forms that you do not need

We hope that this will make the PDF form filler process as streamlined and efficient for you to use, in and out of work. If you ever need help with the form filling process, check out our support page.

Have fun filling, typing, signing - whatever you need to do with your PDF files. How to fill out a PDF form should be easy as pie, in this digital age.

Hung Nguyen
Hung Nguyen
Senior Growth Marketing Manager @Smallpdf