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How to Combine PDF Files on a Mac

by Hung Nguyen

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Directly merge as many PDF documents as you’d like, using the most popular online PDF merge tool. No registration, no sign-up.

Need help to merge multiple PDF documents on your MacBook? We’ve got you covered—online or offline.

How to Combine PDF Files on a MacBook Online for Free

  1. Open up the ‘Merge PDF’ tool.

  2. Upload as many PDF documents as you’d like.

  3. Arrange the files’ order on the preview window.

  4. Hit ‘Merge PDF’ and download your file.

How to Merge PDFs on Mac with Smallpdf

Merge PDF files on your MacBook (or any other OS) using Smallpdf.

As Smallpdf runs an online suite of PDF tools, you can combine PDFs without the need to create an account or download a local software. And because we don’t restrict the number of documents, you can drag and drop into the tool, you merge two or more PDF files, delete the page thumbnails you don’t want to keep and re-order them to your preference.

Aside from the ‘Choose File’ option to open PDFs from your local hard drive, you can also import these digital documents from Dropbox or Google Drive. You may find these options on the right-hand side of the drop area.

Individual pages will be kept in their original format, though. Because of this, please double-check to ensure that the documents are in the same letter size before starting. Once you get the file into one single PDF document, you can proceed to merge, convert, or edit the file as you’d like.

As the most frequented online platform for PDF editing, there are over 18 tools that you can freely use on your Mac OS. Check out the full tool listing via our homepage.

How to Merge PDF Files on a Mac Offline


The Smallpdf Desktop app enables offline processing, straight from your local hard drive. The procedure to merge files is nearly identical to its online counterpart: drag the thumbnails into the PDF editor, arrange the single pages or as a whole document, and click ‘Merge’ to complete the job.

Other than the ability to merge PDFs on your Macbook, the offline version can also combine multiple documents from different file formats: Word, PPT, Excel, and JPG images. To do so, use our ‘PDF Converter’ to turn any of the mentioned file formats to PDF, merge your files, and save then back to their original form (if needed).

Versatile Online PDF Merger


Since the sole requirement to use our software is access to a working internet connection, our website is accessible for users using a Windows computer, a Linux laptop, or even on handheld devices. Open the PDF file you want to merge, upload, and let us do the combining work.

There may be cases where your device is not compatible with multiple PDF files storage or does not allow you to export documents to our converter. Then, you can always count on the reliable file storage services: Dropbox and G.Suite to get the work done. Both services offer integration to bring files back and forth in a breeze, to and from our site.

Every functionality you see on our platform is free for limited use. Once this usage has run out, a Pro account will be needed to continue working on your files, albeit a free two-week trial is available for you to experience Smallpdf in its full capacity. We hope you enjoy using our tools just as much as we enjoy providing a solution to your immediate needs.

Hung Nguyen
Hung Nguyen
Senior Growth Marketing Manager @Smallpdf