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Smallpdf Integrates with Dropbox

by Hung Nguyen

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Smallpdf has partnered up with Dropbox to connect users to powerful and seamless PDF processing. Check out the new Dropbox Extensions in action!

We're thrilled to announce that Smallpdf has partnered up with Dropbox!

This collaboration enables access to our PDF toolbox directly from the popular file hosting platform, with just one click. Whether you need to compress, edit, convert or eSign your documents, we've got you covered.


Smallpdf and Dropbox are official partners.

Combined with Dropbox's powerful document storing, syncing and sharing capabilities, Smallpdf will complement the platform by introducing a range of benefits to end users, including:

Seamless document processing

14 tools to efficiently convert, compress, esign and edit PDFs within clicks, straight from Dropbox.

Automatic saving of files to Dropbox

Speed up your document management workflows and ensure that content remains organized and intact.

Ease of collaboration

Share, process and save files within teams on the cloud, without any downloads or installation needed.

Follow the steps below to utilize the brand new Dropbox Extensions.

Step 1: Single Click Access to Smallpdf


Right-click on any PDF file in Dropbox, and you will now see an option to open the file in Smallpdf, ready for processing.


Click on "Open With" and select Smallpdf from the list

Step 2: Choose One of Smallpdf Easy-to-Use Tools


Smallpdf takes pride in having a suite of simple but effective PDF software. Once you have opened a file on our site, choose a tool and let Smallpdf work our magic. Your file will be saved automatically to Dropbox.


14 PDF tools, just for you

Step 3: File Processing


Upon choosing a tool, Smallpdf will magically process your file for you.


The process will start automatically (in the above example: Compress PDF)

Step 4: Automatically Save and Sync Files to Dropbox


Your file will be saved to Dropbox immediately after each conversion, in the same location where the initial file is located. Click 'View on Dropbox' on the result page to check your converted file out.

Otherwise, you can also download the file, or continue to work with other tools.


The output file will be saved in your Dropbox folder


Use the button above to navigate back to Dropbox

Step 5: Navigate Back to Your Dropbox Folder


A file name extension will be added to the new document, to ensure that your original document is preserved.


Your new file is ready to be used, in the same location where the original document is.



Our mission is to ultimately build a platform that is simple, effective and accessible for anyone to use. As such, Dropbox is the perfect partner that embodies such values.

With millions of files processed by both platforms on a daily basis, we are beyond excited to help in making workflows even more streamlined for our end users. Hopefully, you will be able to save time, move projects forward and stay in sync with colleagues with this latest integration.

Hung Nguyen
Hung Nguyen
Senior Growth Marketing Manager @Smallpdf