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Introducing the Smallpdf Mobile App’s Scanner Feature

by Jen

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Your free document scanner—for home, for work, for life.

Ever needed to scan a document on the go or when working from home? Now, with a single tap, you can instantly create and organize high-quality scans with the world’s most popular PDF software—zero hardware required. Whether you need to convert a work contract to PDF format for emailing, submit paperwork online, or archive documents digitally while working remotely, the Smallpdf Mobile App is the go-to app for all your PDF needs.

Get the Smallpdf Mobile App & Start Scanning in 5 Simple Steps


Step 1: Download the Smallpdf Mobile App

Search for the Smallpdf Mobile App in the App Store or Google Play Store and install it on your device.


Step 2: Open app & select source

Open the app, click the ‘+’ icon and select the camera icon as the source.


Psst! You can also use this menu to select images (in JPG or PNG format) from your photo gallery or existing PDF files on your device.

Step 3: Capture document

Capture your document(s), preferably using the auto-detect feature.


Step 4: Preview & edit document

Preview your document before saving, where you have the option to reorder, rotate, crop, and apply filters to your pages.


Step 5: Save & share document

Save your document (it will be stored on the app) and share it.


Look at you! Now you have Smallpdf Scanner tools wherever you go!

What Do I Get With the Smallpdf Mobile App?


With the Smallpdf Mobile App, you’ll have a host of handy PDF problem-solving tools at your fingertips:

Create, View, & Edit PDFs in a Jiffy

  • Create single or multi-page PDF documents using your camera.

  • Upload images or files directly from your device.

  • No expensive, clumsy hardware required.

  • Perfect for working from home.

  • Merge two or more existing PDF files.

  • Crop, rotate, delete and reorder pages easily.

  • Rename files as needed.

  • Add filters (color, grayscale, black and white).

File Search, Storage, Integrations, & Sharing

  • Search and access stored PDF scans anytime, anywhere.

  • Sync scans to the online Smallpdf storage service.

  • Seamlessly access your PDF on your other devices.

  • Email or send PDF scans to your other apps like WhatsApp, Viber, or Gmail.

  • Share PDF files with others using Airdrop.

Document Quality

  • Create pixel-perfect 200+ DPI scans using your phone camera.

  • Remove distortions and borders.

  • Sharpen and resize your content.

  • Optimize the size, color, or page layout of converted scans.

Working From Home—Made Simple


The Smallpdf Mobile App provides powerful document support for people across all industries to work from home effectively and efficiently. Available to anyone with a smartphone and an internet connection, the Smallpdf Mobile App makes remote work that much easier. Create, edit, sign, optimize and share PDFs in the palm of your hand and help keep the world turning—even while you work from home.

Use the Smallpdf Mobile App to digitize physical paperwork on your mobile device. Your PDFs will also be imported to our website where you can use over a dozen tools to convert your PDFs to other file types (Word, PPT, Excel, or JPG), compress PDFs, e-Sign PDFs, and even annotate PDF documents.

Jennifer Rees
UX Writer