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Online2PDF Converter by Smallpdf

Online2PDF - Convert Files to PDF Format for Free

by Hung Nguyen

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Free online converter to export your Word, PPT, Excel, or image to PDF format.

Smallpdf is the most reliable online PDF software. We have just about any PDF-related tool under the sun to help you convert, modify, and edit your digital document needs. Continue reading on to find out how to use our 18+ tools, for free.

How to Use the Online2PDF Converter

  1. Open up the tool on our webpage.

  2. Drag and drop your file into the tool page.

  3. The tool will convert Microsoft Office and images to PDF automatically. If you upload a PDF file, we’ll prompt you to pick the output format.

  4. Download your new file.

Online2PDF Tutorial

Example: How to convert a Word doc to PDF with the Online2PDF Converter.

The tool is free for you to start using. Once you deplete the free usage, you can then sign up for a free two-week trial of Smallpdf, which will unlock unlimited usage to all Smallpdf tools for this period. You can also convert PDFs in batches with a Pro account, up to 5GB per file size.

Which Formats Can the Online2PDF Converter Handle?


Currently, our online PDF converter can convert Microsoft Word, PPT, and Excel files to PDF format. On top of that, we also convert images to PDF, including JPG, PNG, TIFF, GIF, and BMP. Conversely, you can always refresh the Online2PDF pages and reverse the process to save your PDF into another file format.

When you are working with scans or documents where editing has been restricted—remember to choose the OCR option. Doing so will enable our character recognition software and extract the content into an editable form.

Other PDF Editing Options


In addition to our conversion services, once you upload a PDF, we also offer a myriad range of tools to further edit your file. These include:

  • Merge: to combine PDF documents

  • Split: to extract pages from a PDF

  • Rotate: turn pages within your document

  • Unlock/Protect: remove/add password encryption

  • Edit: for annotations, highlights, and redaction

  • eSign: create and add electronic/digital signatures

The full suite of tools is available for you to take advantage of, straight from our homepage. Since Smallpdf is a full-fledged cloud software, feel free to access our online platform from your desktop, phone, and any digital tablets. We use SSL encryption to cover all file uploads and downloads, and will automatically delete your files after one hour of processing.

If you want to keep these files online for longer than this intended period, you can ‘share’ the file via email or a downloadable URL. This option is available on every download page to make it simple for you to collaborate with others working on the same PDF.

Share file after using the Online2PDF converter

Using the Online2PDF Tool for Work


We have an accumulated user base of over half a billion users, who use our software for both work, school, or leisure use. Business users place Smallpdf at the forefront of all online-PDF services due to our secure processing environment, quick conversion speed, and reliable team of devs to keep our service online 24/7, 365.

If you are planning to migrate PDF-related tasks to Smallpdf for your whole team, please contact our support team via the ‘Help’ page. We’d be glad to guide your team through our tools and answer any questions you may have regarding our product. If not, enjoy using our free PDF converter!

Hung Nguyen
Hung Nguyen
Senior Growth Marketing Manager @Smallpdf