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PDF Scanner—Scan to PDF Online

by Hung Nguyen

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Scan any document into a PDF file with the Smallpdf Mobile App. You can also convert your scanned PDF to many other file formats, with Smallpdf.

Need a hand at moving a physical document to electronic format?

With our PDF Scanner, you can quickly capture, scan, and transform any file into a handy PDF document. Best of all, it’s free!

For creating scanned PDFs, the process is as simple as taking a photo. To get you started, download the free PDF scanner from the App Store for iOS, or Google Play for Android.

How to Scan to PDF with the Smallpdf Mobile App

  1. Open the Smallpdf Mobile App; log in if you have an account.

  2. Click the floating action button to start.

  3. Take a photo of your document.

  4. And that’s it. We will immediately save the file as a PDF.


Smallpdf Scanner in action!

Changing PDF Scans to Other Formats


As the most popular online PDF software—of course we can help to convert your scanned images (saved in PDF format by default).

Once you create a file with our PDF scanner, you can click the more options icon, and choose ‘Convert to….’

The app should then present you with a list of available file types, including Word and JPG.

Since the app cannot store non-PDF files, we will automatically send them to our online file storage service—accessible on mobile, via your internet browser.

Other Features of the Smallpdf Mobile App


Once you create a PDF scan, there are a handful of options for you to work with your new document—straight from the app.

From the main menu, click the more actions icon, where you will be able to:

  • Compress your scanned PDF

  • Share the file via all the compatible apps on your phone

  • Rename or edit the file

  • And of course, convert it to other file formats


Available functions of Smallpdf

We have a dedicated Mobile team that’s actively working on improving our apps. We add new features every few weeks, squash bugs, and work synchronously to improve the user experience of our users.

PDF Scanning Made Easy


Once you open a PDF, you can also export and manage them via our parent website, where we currently host over 20 PDF tools.

For instance, OCR (Optical Character Recognition) is available if you wish to convert the scanned PDF into an editable Word file. Furthermore, the preview-based tools such as Merge, Split, and Delete Pages can help you to manage your scanned files to your likings.

We believe that PDF-related solutions should be accessible to anyone. And as such, you can start to use our web tools, mobile PDF scanner, and even the offline desktop application to manage at no cost.

Without an expensive document scanner, such as Adobe Scan, you can also fill out forms, archive receipts notes and business cards, or even sign a work contract. Anything to help make PDF for you.


Example: How to save a raw image to PDF format

Work On-The-Go


Smallpdf scanner offers everything that you’ll need to work with PDF files wherever you are.

The mobile app enables seamless transition between physical documents and digital files. Our online app, which automatically syncs with the Smallpdf Mobile App, uses secure SSL encryption. As such, we enable a safe environment where you can upload, process, and download PDFs with ease.

But it doesn’t stop there. For desktop users who commute, you can also install the Smallpdf Chrome Extension and G Suite app—which integrates our tool set for entire organizations. And by doing so, everybody will have access to easy-to-use PDF processing—which hopefully, enables for a more productive and collaborative work environment—in-person, or remote.

Hung Nguyen
Hung Nguyen
Content Marketing Manager