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Convert PDF to Excel Online Without Email

by Hung Nguyen

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Free converter to quickly save PDF documents to Excel spreadsheets within seconds. No need to enter an email address or download any software.

Transforming Microsoft Excel files to PDF is a simple task, as it can be done from your Office suite. However, reversing the process can be tricky - particularly if you want an editable Excel document in return.

Fortunately, our online converter will do just the trick. You don’t need to enter an email ID either; it’s as easy as that.

How to convert PDF to Excel Online Without an Email

  1. Go to the online document converter

  2. Drag your PDF into the toolbox

  3. Voila, it will start to extract your data to Excel format instantly

  4. On the result page, download your file


PDF to Excel converter, no email is needed.

Data Retention


We have the most advanced OCR solution integrated to make sure that your Excel files will have every row, column, and data retained, as you use our web browser-based tool. Even if this is not the case, you can easily enhance, update and enter additional data and anyway you prefer - as the Excel file should fully be editable.

Other Tools


Spreadsheets come in all sizes; and although our software can process documents up to 5 GB per file, there are several useful tools that you can use before you upload your data to convert from PDF to Excel, to speed up the conversion process.

  • Compress PDF - reduce the size of your file before the conversion

  • Delete Pages - remove sheets you do not need in the output file

  • Edit - quick annotations

  • Merge - put multiple files into one for one big conversion



Converting PDF to Excel should be a piece of cake with our online tools. But that’s not all. With over 18 functionalities on our website, we aim to enhance your overall experience working with digital documents, including other Office formats and images.

Using our online portal, you can convert PDF files to Excel and other formats on any machine. Your Macbook, Windows computer, and even Linux. Similarly, if you have a PDF on your phone, pop it into our online converter via your mobile browser, and it should be good to go.

Even if you are unable to view the Excel file on your mobile device, you can always download and save it locally. Otherwise, Dropbox and Google drive are both available for you to export documents to these portals.

But What’s the Catch?



Our company was founded based on the basic needs to manage electronic files for us (and our parents). If you need to convert, enhance or modify PDFs on the daily, you can opt for a Pro subscription - which grants unlimited conversion capabilities and access to the cool desktop counterpart. In case you're interested, click the button below to get a free trial!

For frequent users like most people, The Smallpdf PDF to Excel converter can be used online for free, without email registration, software installation or even signup. Goodbye to all document conversion woes you’ve had up until today. :)

Hung Nguyen
Hung Nguyen
Content Marketing Manager @Smallpdf