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Compress PNG Images Online

by Hung Nguyen

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Use the Smallpdf image compression tool to reduce the size of your PNG while maintaining the highest image quality.

Uncompressed raster images of the PNG (Portable Graphics Format) variety are widely used. This accessible image format is often used in design work, and the resulting files can be quite large.

Having large files makes it difficult to share them, and they also take up a lot of storage space—be it online or locally on your hard drive. If you wish to reduce the size of your images in PNG format, you can use our online tools to do two things:

  • compress the PNG

  • save it in JPG format

How To Compress a PNG Image Online

  1. Upload your PNG to our Compress tool.

  2. Choose “Basic compression.”

  3. Click ”Export As,” and choose “Image.”

  4. Wait for the conversion to finish.

  5. Download your compressed PNG, now in JPG format.

2023-06-12 - Compress PNG Images Online

Compress PNG images in just a few seconds

The method above uses the Compress PDF tool on our site. We first convert the PNG to PDF, compress it, and then convert it to JPG.

Retaining the data quality is definitely a priority in this whole process of switching from one format to the other. The output color images should yield the same result as if you had used a paid PNG compressor but at no cost!

Compress PNG via Your Web Browsers


Our website is entirely cloud operated, which means you’re free to access it to compress, convert, and edit your PNG images. Better yet, we also accept BMP, GIF, and even TIFF images.

There is a file size limitation, but this should never be a concern if you’re converting single PNG images. Even extremely high-quality images should never go into the hundreds of megabytes!

Aside from the online PNG conversions, we can also take on files from the Microsoft Office family and of course, PDF. As long as you convert a digital document to the Portable Document Format, you can use our tool suite of 20+ tools to alter it to your liking.

Why Compress PNG Images?


Because large image files are a pain—think about it. If you’re a designer, you’ll want to send your clients drafts, examples, and final versions in top-notch quality. But sending large files causes unnecessary loss of time for you and your clients, as they have to download such bulky files before viewing them. Now imagine they have an older computer—forget it!

Furthermore, it’s much easier to store these smaller files, be it online or offline. The more space your data takes up, the sooner you’ll have to invest in an external hard drive or additional cloud-storage space. All that can get quite expensive. But if your files are lightweight and manageable, they can always be within reach on your device.

Hung Nguyen
Hung Nguyen
Senior Growth Marketing Manager @Smallpdf