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How To Number PDF Online for Free

by Akemi

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Add page numbers to your PDF documents online and for free. If necessary, combine several documents before adding page numbers.

Imagine this.

You've been waiting days to receive a document of dozens of pages.

Then, when it finally arrives in your inbox by email and you look... the pages are not numbered. The deadline is over and you don't have time to answer the email, ask the person to number the pages and wait again for their good will... What a headache...

Fortunately, we are always here to help you 😇

How To Number PDF

  1. Go to our Add page numbers to PDFs tool

  2. Drag and drop your PDF into the indicated area or click on 'Choose file'

  3. Select the place you want the numbers to appear

  4. Preview your document and press 'Number pages'

  5. Download your file.


How To Number PDF Online for Free

Combine Your Files Before Numbering the Pages


A very common situation is when we have several separate documents that we must put together in order to number the pages.

In this case, you can use the Merge PDF tool with the Add Page Numbers tool.

See how:

  1. Go to our Merge PDF tool
  2. Drag and drop the files you want to combine to the indicated area
  3. Within the tool, sort the pages in the sequence you want
  4. Press 'Merge PDF!'
  5. Download your file and click on the Number Pages tool in the menu
  6. Follow the procedure explained above.

Cool, right?

What Happens To Your Files?


We use secure SSL connections in all our procedures. After 1 hour, we delete all files from our servers. So don't worry, your documents always circulate in the safest possible digital environment.

You can access Smallpdf's site from any device (computer, cell phone or tablet), any operating system (Mac, Windows and even Linux) and any browser (choose your favorite!). We are available to solve your problems with digital documents at any time of the day and night!

What Are the Other Tools of Smallpdf?


We have an amazing set of tools that help our millions of monthly users to manage their digital documents quickly and efficiently.


After numbering the pages of your PDF, if you want to convert it to Word, for example, you can do this with the PDF to Word converter. If you want to turn it into a PowerPoint presentation, the PDF to PPT converter is at your disposal. The PDF to Excel converter is also available!


You can play with your files at ease. In addition to numbering your pages and combining your files, you can also rotate your document, delete pages and split pages.

And the best: with the PDF Editor, you can even add text, shapes and images to your PDF and highlight your favorite sentences.


Add a robust password to your PDF to prevent unauthorized people from accessing it.


Create electronic signatures easily with our little darling, eSign.

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