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How To Merge Word Documents in One Click

by Hung Nguyen

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Instructions for merging Word documents in a matter of seconds, either online or offline.

Combining Word documents can be a difficult process. You can do the manual copy-and-paste job, but it can be quite time-consuming if you have many files on hand. It may also lead to problems with regard to formatting. If you’ve ever tried copy-pasting a file into another with different formats, you’ll know how much of a pain this can be. We’ll walk you through the steps to merge Word documents—as many as you’d like—in one go.

How to Merge Word Documents With Microsoft Word

  1. Open the first Word document—a blank one works too.

  2. Click “Insert” and then “Object,” which might be hidden under “Text.”

  3. Select “Text from file.”

  4. Choose your files, then click “Insert.”


How to merge word documents from Microsoft Word

Unfortunately, this method is only available for Word 2007 and onwards. The repetitive process can also be quite tiring. If you don’t have access to a compatible version or don’t want to open, select, and merge files manually, move on to the next step below.

How To Merge Word Documents With Smallpdf


If you’re merging Word documents to share with others, we recommend saving them as PDFs instead. This prevents unauthorized third-party access to your content. PDF files are also usually smaller in size, and so are much easier to share.

We have the most popular PDF merger and converter for you to use for this process. To start, convert your Word documents to PDF. You can do this using the “Save as PDF” function in Microsoft Word or our PDF converter. Then:

  1. Go to the Merge tool.
  2. Drag and drop the converted files into the box.
  3. Choose between “Merge files” or “Merge pages.”
  4. Click “Merge PDF” on the next page—done!
  5. To download the file in Word format, click “Export As” and choose “Word.”

Smallpdf aims to make the process of merging multiple files painless, as we don’t have a limit on how many files can be imported into the tool at once. To join multiple Word documents, make sure that they are in PDF format before the conversion.

2023-03-07 - How To Merge Word Documents in One Click

Merge Word documents while in PDF format

What Else Can Smallpdf Do?


We have over 20 PDF tools to help you convert and merge various document types, including Word or PDF to PPT, Excel, or JPG. All these tools follow a similar process as the one you see in the instructions above to merge your documents.

We also have enhancement tools to help you split, rotate, and delete pages, which are all available on our homepage for you to use.

Combining Word files couldn’t be easier, regardless of whether you decide to do so online or offline, with Microsoft Word or Smallpdf. We also have a mobile and a desktop app to help you work on the go from anywhere.

Is Smallpdf Reliable?


Because of our security protocols and fast processing, millions of people use our platform every month to merge, split, compress, and convert their documents. All file transfers are encrypted with TLS, and we remove all files from our servers after an hour of processing.

Quality-wise, we also use Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology to ensure that your formatting and structure are kept in the converted documents, even when you try to convert and merge scanned Word documents. There should be little to no changes compared to the original document.

Best of yet, our tools are available to use for free. If you run out of free daily tasks, you can subscribe to Smallpdf Pro, starting with a 7-day free trial—you can cancel anytime.

Lastly, as an online platform, you can use Smallpdf to merge your word files on any operating system and browser, such as Mac, Windows, and Linux. We try to make the process of handling digital documents as simple, efficient, and affordable as possible for everyone. Any comments, suggestions, or questions are always welcome—we’re only an email away!

Hung Nguyen
Hung Nguyen
Senior Growth Marketing Manager @Smallpdf