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How to Merge Word Documents in One Click

by Hung Nguyen

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Instructions on how you can merge Word documents within a few seconds, online or offline.

The process to combine word documents is tricky. You can do the manual, copy-and-paste job, but that may be quite tedious when you have many files on hand.

This article will go through the steps to undertake, to merge word documents in batch, as many as you'd like, simultaneously.

How to Merge Word Documents - With Microsoft Word

  1. Have the first Word document opened; a blank document could do too.

  2. Click Insert > (Text) > Object > Text from File

  3. Highlight and select as many files as you'd like, before clicking 'Insert'.

merge word documents

How to merge word documents, from Microsoft Word

Unfortunately, this method only available for Word 2007 and onwards. The repetitive handwork can be also quite laborious. If you do not have access to a compatible version, or do not wish to have to open, select and merge files manually, move onto the next step.

How to Merge Word Documents - With Smallpdf


If you are merging word documents to share with collaborators, we would suggest to save them into PDF instead. This ensures that no third party can tamper with your content. PDF files are also much more portable and lightweight, which makes them easier to pass around.

We've got the most popular PDF merger and converter for you to take advantage of for this process. To get started, save Word files to PDF. You can do this via Microsoft Word 'Save as PDF' function, or our PDF converter. Then:

  1. Access the Merge tool.

  2. Upload as many files as you'd like to merge, let us do the conversion process and download your combined document.

  3. If you wish to have the document you want to merge to stay in Word, click 'to Word' on the result page, before downloading.

Smallpdf aims to make the process of merging multiple files painless, as we don't have a limit on how many files can be imported into the tool at once. To join multiple word documents, such make sure that they are in PDF format before the conversion.

merge pdfs

Merge Word documents while in PDF format

Is Smallpdf Reliable?


Over 18 million users access our platform on a monthly basis to merge, split and convert their documents, thanks to our security protocols and fast processing.

All file transfers use SSL connections, and we remove all files from our servers after an hour of processing.

Quality wise, we also adopt OCR technology to make sure that your file formats are retained in the revised documents, even when you try to convert and merge word documents that are scanned. There should be little to no changes in comparison to the original document. Best of yet, we're also free to use, up to twice an hour, for all your document management needs.

Lastly, as an online platform, you can use Smallpdf to merge your word files on any OS and browser, such as Mac, Windows, and Linux.

What Else Can Smallpdf Do?


We've got a full suite of 16 other tools to help you convert and merge many document types, from Word and PDF to PPT, Excel, and JPG. Just use the same logic as the instructions above to merge your documents.

We also have enhancement tools, to help you split, rotate and cut down pages, which are all available on our homepage for you to use.

Combining Word files cannot get any easier, regardless of whether you decide to do so online or offline, via Microsoft Word or Smallpdf. Same goes for mobile devices, in which we are also fully compatible.

If you merge files frequently, do check out our Pro subscriptions, which grants unlimited processing power to the Smallpdf toolsuite, at the cost of a coffee each month.

We aim to make the process of handling digital documents as seamless, efficient, and free. Any feedback, suggestions or questions, we are only an email away!

Hung Nguyen
Hung Nguyen
Content Marketing Manager @Smallpdf