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Online PDF Binder

by Hung Nguyen

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Merge PDF documents online with Smallpdf PDF Binder. Free to use, no registration, installation or email is needed.

Do you have multiple documents saved as PDF that you need to combine into one? Look no further. With our PDF binder, you may merge as many PDF files as you’d prefer.

How to bind PDF files together online:

  1. Go to the PDF Binder page.

  2. Drag as many PDF files into the toolbox.

  3. Delete or move pages as needed.

  4. Click ‘Merge PDF’ to bind the files together.

  5. That’s it! Download your PDF on the result page.


Binding PDFs made easy.

You merge large PDFs too?


We take up to 5GB per file, which should be more than enough to handle almost any document in PDF format.

If somehow you’ve ended up with the file that exceeds our file size limit, head over to our Compress tool, shrink the file down before you upload it to the PDF binder.

And that’s about it. We don’t hold any other limits in terms of how many documents that can squeeze in the binding process either. With this, merging multiple PDF files can be done all in one go. Just remember to rearrange the pages into the desired order before you bind and download them in one single PDF document.

Other file types?


If you need to merge content from other file types, you can use Smallpdf File Converter first to save them into PDF, and then combine them. We currently accept Microsoft Office files: Word, PPT and Excel, as well as images: JPG, BMP, PNG, TIFF, and GIF.

Can you undo this?


We can’t undo the merging process. However, there is the Split function for you to divide your PDF pages into other, smaller documents. All for your convenience! The online version can either split one document into individual one-pagers or allow you to choose specific pages to extract into one PDF.

As it happens that multiple files of different sizes were bound - head over to our Desktop app, which can split one PDF into multiple files all at once. This option eliminates the need to re-upload your document multiple times to extract pages.

Bind documents anywhere, everywhere


We operate as an online platform, so there is no limitation on where or when you can access our tool suite. You can freely bind, split, compress PDFs from virtually any operating system, including Windows, Mac, and Linux. Same goes for the internet browser - as long as you have online access, you’re good to go.

At no cost, too?


At no cost at all. Our PDF binder, as well as all the other services, can be used up to twice an hour. If you are someone that deal with pesky PDFs (not that we don’t love them, but they can get irritating when they come in batches), do consider opting for a Pro account - which grants unlimited access to all Smallpdf functions, at the cost of a coffee every month.

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Go on, bind those files!

Hung Nguyen
Hung Nguyen
Content Marketing Manager