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Two Weeks’ Notice Letter Template | Free Download

by Hung Nguyen

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The very best two weeks’ notice template for you to view, sign, download, and hand to your current employer before starting your new job.

They say it's best to get a new job while you still have one—rather than leaving room for unemployment. And in that process somewhere—you have to resign.

Smallpdf process millions of PDF documents a day, including countless numbers of application documents, from CVs to cover letters and resignation letters. Thus, we imagined it’d be thoughtful to prepare one to help job seekers speed up their search even quicker.

How To Fill and Download the Two Weeks’ Notice Template

  1. Open up a blank template of the two weeks’ notice resignation letter.

  2. Fill out all necessary information, using the image below as a guide.

  3. Click ‘Tools’ and ‘eSign PDF’ to create a signature and sign your letter.

  4. Click ‘Finish & Sign’ to download the signed document.


Remember to replace the placeholders as you fill out your two weeks' notice letter!

By following the procedure above, we’ll first open up a blank template of the two weeks’ notice letter in our PDF Editor tool for you to fill out all the necessary information. Be sure to add periods and commas where appropriate! Then, you will proceed to sign the document electronically via our eSign tool.

The entire process should take less than a minute if you’re quick. We tried to keep it as brief, concise, and professional as possible—and any line manager or HR department to grasp the content immediately. Once you download the document, the power is in your hands. Take a look at our Resignation Letter Templates if you need some more samples to get inspired.

All the fields that you will need to enter in chronological order are:

  • today’s date

  • the company’s name

  • the company’s address

  • tour line manager’s name

  • the employment end date

  • your name and signature

After you fill out all the information, by clicking ‘eSign PDF’—we’ll take you straight to the next tool. From there, click ‘Create Signature’ to create your own electronic signature and sign the document. Once that’s over, you simply have to download the letter (in PDF format), and it’s ready for sending!


Locate the eSign tool and sign your 2 weeks' notice letter

How To Edit the Two Weeks’ Notice Letter in Word


If you prefer to download the blank template of the two weeks’ notice letter in Word format—to later edit as you please, using your favorite text editor, you may do so as well.

To do so, open up a blank template. Then, click the colorful ‘Tools’ icon and then pick ‘PDF to Word.’

In this instance, we will convert the two weeks notice template to Word format (.docx) for you. Remember to download your file after the conversion.


Convert that two weeks' letter template to Word format—for easy text editing.

Since you should then have formal resignation in a written format—you may also edit the content to your liking. From our simple two weeks notice letter, you may expand the scope to fit your preferred tone of writing as well as current circumstance.

You can thank your current employer and ensure that you end your employment on good terms, state your reasoning for the new job search, or who knows—even trim it down further as you wish. Sometimes, people also prefer to write a resignation email rather than attaching a document, which you can opt for that option as well.

Some tips on crafting and sending an effective two weeks’ notice letter:

  • pick a short and descriptive subject line, e.g., [Your name] ’s resignation letter

  • send it to your line manager, cc the responsible HR person (if applicable)

  • remember to enter the precise employment end date

  • the shorter, the better

  • keep things light-hearted and positive

Edit Your Two Weeks’ Notice Letter With Smallpdf


If you decide to write your resignation letter from scratch, you can always save it as a PDF and then sign the document electronically with our eSign tool. It’s free for anyone to use. Remember to reformat your letter, so everything is cohesive, e.g., text font, size, and spacing. The default font for this document is Helvetica.

Other than that, if you have found your dream job, congrats. If not, keep at it. We have a suite full of online tools to help job seekers manage their application documents, so please check out what can help!

For instance, we recommend that you always send application documents in PDF format; our PDF Converter can convert Word, PPT, Excel, and even images to the PDF format.

Another neat trick: When online job portals only allow for single file uploads, you can merge all documents into one PDF before submitting it. If the file size is beyond the system’s allowed limit, you can compress the combined PDF for free with our Compress PDF tool.

That’s all there is. Happy, well, resigning!

Hung Nguyen
Hung Nguyen
Senior Growth Marketing Manager @Smallpdf