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Compress JPEG Sizes Online for Free

by Hung Nguyen

Simple compressor tool to reduce the size of JPEG images online. Free to use, twice an hour. No registration needed.

JPEG is a widely used file format for sharing, as they are compressed images. However, if you need to push the compression level even further, check out our online tool to compress JPEG images for you for free.

How to Compress a JPEG Online for Free

  1. Head over to over Image Converter tool.

  2. Drag-and-drop your JPEG into the toolbox to first save it in PDF.

  3. On the result page, click 'Compress', and then ‘to JPG’.

  4. And that’s about it. Download your compressed JPEG images.

Essentially, Smallpdf will first convert the JPEG to PDF, reduces the file size for free online, and then save it back to JPG with our image optimizer.

Compress JPEG online with Smallpdf, for FREE!

Perfect Quality Guarantee


Our compress tool will reduce your scanned files to 144dpi, which is ideal for online uploads and sharing. Similarly, our JPEG compression will also maintain your image quality while reducing its size significantly. The aspect ratio (in percentage) will display on the result page, post-compression for you to see how much of the image size has been reduced. 🙂

Better yet, we also accept other formats, such and PNG images, as well as GIF and BMP - which makes image compression a relatively easy task. Unsure about our conversion quality? Convert, compress and compare them side by side. We don’t disappoint!

Are My Files Secure?


Yep. All files uploaded on our servers are automatically deleted after an hour. We only keep them online for that long so that you have time to download them!

To cut down the time and effort spent on compressing JPG files, check our Pro accounts, which removes the limitation on usage AND activate ‘batch processing’ for you.

All Things Online


Also, as Smallpdf operates in the cloud, you can compress JPEG files on Mac, Windows or Linux machines! Similarly, this tool can process the uploaded image on any internet browser.

Additionally, our website is also fully compatible with mobile and tablets, for you to access them on your phone or iPad. Though some devices do not allow downloads, Smallpdf also integrates with Dropbox and Google Drive for you to store your compressed JPEG images.

Smallpdf In Its Full Capacity


As long as you convert your JPG files to PDF, you can take advantage of our award-winning suite of tools. Aside from JPEG compression, here are a few other tools you can use.

  • Converter - to revert the file format after you compress JPEG.

  • Split - too many images in one file? Split them up.

  • Merge - we can also combine JPEG files.

  • Delete Pages - get rid of blank pages.

  • eSign - place a digital signature on your JPEG files.

And many more! Take advantage of the free access to our website to not only compress JPEG but also further enhance/manipulate your files.

And if you are mulling over how we can compress JPEGs so drastically ... it's pretty much magic!

Hung Nguyen
Marketing & Customer Satisfaction Manager
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