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Compress JPEG - Reduce JPEG File Size Online for Free

by Hung Nguyen

Take advantage of the Smallpdf converter, compressor and connected workflows to compress JPEG files!

Do you have large image files that need to be reduced in size? Worries not, that we've got you covered. Smallpdf has the most popular online PDF compress tool, and we have a way to compress JPEG files for you.

How to compress a JPEG

  • Head over to over Smallpdf Converter tool.

  • Upload the JPEG(s) file that you want to compress.

  • The file will automatically convert to PDF.

  • On the result page, click 'Compress'.

  • Let our software compress your JPEG while it's in PDF format.

  • Again on the result page, click 'to JPG'.

  • Choose 'Extract single images' or 'Convert entire pages'.

  • Smallpdf will then convert your file back to JPEG for you.

  • Click 'Download File' to download your compressed JPEG file.

  • Voila, that's all there is. You can do this within 1 minute!

Compress JPEG online with Smallpdf, for FREE!

Perfect quality guarantee


Our compress tool will reduce your scanned files to 144dpi, which is ideal for online uploads and sharing. Similarly, our JPEG compression will also maintain your image quality while reducing its size significantly!

Are my files secure?


Yep. All files uploaded on our servers are automatically deleted after an hour. We only keep them online for that long so that you have time to download them! Best of all - it's free to use, twice an hour. For further usage, check out our Pro accounts. What are you waiting for? Compress JPG right away and see for yourself!

Also, as Smallpdf operates in the cloud, you can compress JPEG files on Mac, Windows or Linux machines! Similarly, this tool can be used on any internet browser. Our website is also fully compatible with mobile and tablets, for you to access them on your phone or iPad. Though some devices do not allow downloads, Smallpdf also integrates with Dropbox and Google Drive for you to store your compressed JPEG images.

What else can I do with my JPEG?


As long as you convert your JPG files to PDF, you can take advantage of our award-winning suite of tools. Aside from JPEG compression, here are a few other tools you can use.

  • PDF converter - after you compress JPEG images in PDF format, turn it right back to its original format.

  • Split - too many images in one file? Split them up.

  • Merge - if we can spit them up, we can also combine JPEG files.

  • Delete Pages - get rid of blank pages.

  • eSign - place a digital signature on your JPEG files.

And many more! Take advantage of the free access to our website to not only compress JPEG but also further enhance/manipulate your files.

If you ever have any questions regarding our tools, check out our Helpdesk on how to get in contact with us!

And if you ever wonder how we manage to compress your files so drastically ... it's pretty much magic!

Hung Nguyen
Marketing & Support

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